Josh Clarke


My name is Josh Clarke and I am so thankful to be apart of this amazing ministry. I am committed to living my life for Christ and to see other people come to faith in him. There is nothing greater we can do in this life than to come to know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.
I am involved in various ways in the ministry of my church and have an interest in Journalism and Current Affairs. I hope to study Journalism at University in the years to come.


Without doubt, my favourite band is Switchfoot. I love their style of music and the message of hope and the gospel that is wound through through their songs.

After Switchfoot, I am partial to NEEDTOBREATHE as I love how they incorporate the Country genre into their songs, which seek to praise God.

When it comes to  Christian Artists, I really like Chris Tomlin, Matthew West, Tauren Wells, Jimmy Needham and Jordan Feliz. I just love all Christian bands and artists as they all have something different to offer. What I have mentioned here is only my absolute favourites.


I have many favourite songs. So just to name a select few, given my love of Switchfoot, I really like ‘Love Alone Is Worth The Fight’ as it talks about Love being worth the pain and struggle because of what it can achieve.
This relates back to the love that Jesus has for us. He fought for us and our sin on the cross, because of his love for us.

‘Brother’ by NEEDTOBREATHE is another one of my favourites, ‘Start A Fire’ by Unspoken, which talks about the joy and the passion that Jesus gives us as Christians. I also see it as a message about reaching out to those who don’t yet know Jesus, because of this joy that we can share with them. Finally, another Switchfoot hit; “Your Love Is A Song”- talking about Jesus’ unconditional love for us.


I love getting outdoors and doing a whole array of activities, especially abseiling, mountain biking and hiking. I love to get to the beach as much as possible during the summer. That’s one of my favourite places to be.
Like many of my other friends on this site, I can’t get enough of my Christian music! There is so much out there and it is so wonderful to see people worshipping God with the talents they have been blessed with.


I would really love for our site to be grow and to be a means of encouraging other Christians in their walk with God, as well as being able to plant the seeds in the lives of those who aren’t yet followers of Jesus.

The team we have currently is so amazing and committed and to be able to grow this team in the future, God willing, would be going from strength to strength.

As we grow it would be fantastic to be able to introduce an even wider range of devotions and other pursuits, allowing us to serve God even more.


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