We Are Family Here

Welcome to The Faith Filled Friends website! We are a group of friends founded on community and unity, sharing the love of Christ with those who need it most and those who need a refreshing word. Here on the Faith Filled Friends website, we do devotions which we base off Christian songs and the message they deliver. “We are Family here, colours and stains disappear, there is no doubt you belong, this is the family of God,” our theme song for where we get some of our core values from; community, loyalty, unity and love, is the very cheerful and catchy Newsboys track, ‘Family of God’. We have a burning fire for God and we are excited for all the plans he has for us!


Who are The Faith Filled Friends?

We are a small group of friends with a passion for Jesus and music! Hence our devotions based off the best CCM of our time (And let’s not forget Throwback Thursdays, then you can expect to see older songs)! The Faith Filled Friends started back in September of 2016 when we had the idea to encourage one another with a great Christian song everyday as we approached exams. Jokes and ideas soon lead to the birth of The Faith Filled Friends, the official website. Recently there have been a few changers on the site with a few of our founding friends moving onto new things. The team consists of Joshua Clarke, Caitlin Malcolm, Jonathan Olivier and Gad Rasmussen. We are committed to sharing the love of Jesus with the world and it is our absolute pleasure that you have joined us today.

Connect with Us

If you want to get in contact with us members of The Faith Filled Friends, feel free to leave a comment in any post and we will reply as soon as possible. You can also head to the Q&A page, where you are free to ask any questions you wish! If you want to ask a specific author a question, you can say so in a comment or head to their profile page and leave your message. You can also email us at: thefaithfilledfriends@gmail.com


Not been made yet! We are still relatively new and haven’t made much history as of yet.

The Faith Filled Friends started out of pure passion and obedience. With a love for Christian music, Josh and I decided we should get our friends into it and let them experience the awesome music out there. So we began listing songs and artists that Jonathan and Caitlin had to listen to.

With our year twelve exams approaching, God gave us the great idea to make devotions off the songs to help inspire each other and deliver God’s great word and truth. The boss of the loony operation, to no surprise, is God himself. We exalt Him above all else and we deliver the very songs and words He gives us. Literally, after two days of devotions, the very official website was made, ‘The Faith Filled Friends’ and was launched a couple of hours later!

Although The Faith Filled Friends is still new and being tweaked constantly, we have had a blast from the get go. To be called by God is amazing, no matter what it is, because you know God has made the plans and they will make you prosper. But being called into a place where we can share the good news of Christ to people all over the world, is absolutely humbling! And being called to do this with amazing, God loving friends is even more of a blessing. We are unbelievably grateful for everything God has given us. We get to share our passions of God, music and life all at once. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God knows everything and He made everything! All we can do is say thank you and live the life He has given us. He has called us to live because of His great love and shine His grace to the whole world. We are called to be beacons to the lost and the broken. We must live like we are loved, because we are and so unconditionally. The crew here at The Faith Filled Friends are not perfect, far from it actually. But we don’t have to be, because Jesus went to the cross, the living sacrifice for all the sin in the world! But death and all the power in hell couldn’t hold Him down, and He rose from the grave on that third day! He set us free.

We believe in the sacrifice of Jesus and that He conquered death. We believe in the Holy Spirit that fills us. We believe in the unfailing love of God and all His grace. We believe in the Bible, which is the word of God given unto us. We believe in the power of prayer and the miracles that follow. We believe in the supernatural power that God has given us. We believe God is faithful and that He will never leave us. We believe in the plans He has made for our lives, we are not accidents. We believe God will change lives through what He commands us to write on this website. And we believe this is just the beginning of The Faith Filled Friends and God has much more in stock for us to unpack as we push into His love and His word.

Thank you for a fabulous year so far! The support is incredible. God does amazing things that our minds just can’t comprehend! So the crew here at The Faith Filled Friends just want to thank God and all of you for the support. May God bless you and pour out His favour into your lives.

God Bless,

The Faith Filled Friends

Password: 4


9 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for your nomination! Gad and I are really grateful. It is a privilege to be able to share Good News of Jesus through The Faith Filled Friends.

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    • What a privilege to be nominated!

      Like Josh said, thank you so much for the nomination. We just want to give God the glory for everything we do, on and off The Faith Filled Friends. He is the reason we started this website.

      If you asked me two years ago if I could imagine writing devotions with my friends I would have said no way. I am not the best writer, but God turns our weakness into strength for His glory. Josh and I are so privileged to have been able to start this website with our friends and now still be going to share God’s word.

      It was never about us (I hope), but it was always about God and others. We wanted to reach people all over the world and share God’s good news while also honouring Him. We have always said, if our devotions help even one person, it would all be worth it.

      So thank you once again. This journey has been such a blessing to us. We are so glad that you have been impacted by our devotions too.

      God Bless in all that you do.

      From Gad and the crew at The Faith Filled Friends

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