Fifth Day Of Christmas

Somewhere In Your Silent Night

Hey guys and welcome back to The Faith Filled Friends. We are so glad that you have joined us for another Christmas devotion. Tonight we want to talk about what Christmas can do in our hearts, what Christmas is. Let’s dive into it!

Twelve Days Of Christmas

Somewhere In Your Silent Night- Casting Crowns

‘…All is calm and all is bright
Everywhere but in your heart tonight
They’re singing carols of joy and peace
But you feel too far gone and too far out of reach…’

Christmas is hope and Christmas is joy… But not to everyone.

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year or the most lonely time of the year. While everyone else meets with their families they sit alone.

Christmas is a time of hope because Jesus, our saviour, was born. But to some, it feels like a pressure or a conviction. God is judging them. They aren’t worthy of grace.

Jesus was born in a manger on a silent night…

That is the picture we get. Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus on that quiet night. No body remembers the animals making a noise and making a mess. No one remembers the shepherds arriving to see the baby. And no one remembers that they were in a stable because every inn was full. That is not a silent night.

Christmas is a time for reflection, even in the chaos of the holiday and they people. That stable was crazy and hectic, but there was a community there. Everyone had come to meet with the King of Kings.

‘…Somewhere in your silent night
Heaven hears the song your broken heart has cried
Hope is here, just lift your head
For love has come to find you
Somewhere in your silent night…’

For some, Christmas is a sad and lonely time. But if we look at that first Christmas we see that there was no judgement or separation. There was no one too poor or too rich. There was love and acceptance as everyone met Jesus.

There are people all around us that need to hear about the hope and love Jesus has for them. Christmas is about loving everyone no matter who they are. That’s what God did. He said no one is too far from my love and He came to Earth. So this Christmas, I want to encourage everyone to reach out to someone who needs this love.

But if that person is you, then this is the song that you needed to hear.

‘…Lift your head
Lift your heart
Emmanuel will meet you where you are
He knows your hurt
He knows your name
And you’re the very reason that He came…’

You matter to God. That is why He came. He came for you. God’s love is boundless and it is reaching for you now. No matter what you have done, grace has made you new. You are loved!

God Bless

Merry Christmas!

The Faith Filled Friends