The Shack: Review

The Shack

Hey guys and welcome to today’s devotion… Which is actually going to be a review for the movie, “The Shack”. It has been in cinemas for a short while now and I had the privilege of watching it today! So I hope you are ready because we will be diving into “The Shack”!

Hard Love- NEEDTOBREATHE ft. Lauren Daigle

“The Shack” is based off the 2007 novel by William P. Young. It is a fictitious story but it doesn’t stop it from feeling so real.

To start we will talk basics. The acting was fantastic! All casting choices were great and you really believed these were real people. It was high quality. And that’s not all, it was also Visually stunning. The sets, props and animation (CGI) were all done beautifully. Nothing look cheap, and it was a delight to watch!

Now into the juicy stuff… Plus, no spoilers!
The movie is based on a few core values; trust, forgiveness, judgement and letting go. Through the story you really see God’s heart beat for humanity. The movie gets quite heavy and it is very emotional, but still very enjoyable. It is so hard to explain this movie, besides saying that it was fantastic!

If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. I know that I am on exam study break, but if you aren’t then try find a time that would suit you because this really is a must see. The movie can get touchy and I know the book was controversial, but if you allow God to move then you will be changed.

So if you have so money and a few hours to spare, pop down to your nearest cinema that is showing “The Shack” and have a watch. It is a great movie that was really well polished plus still sticking almost perfectly to the book. But just remember to take some tissues… It gets pretty emotional and very real.

God Bless

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