He’s Been In My Shoes

He’s Been In My Shoes

Hey guys and welcome back to the Faith Filled Friends. Today we are back with another devotion that I believe God is really encouraging me to write. We can find it hard to be unshakable, but when we remember who Jesus was and is we can lift our head and march on. So here is a great song by Petra, just remember that this is part of a throwback.

He’s Been In My Shoes- Petra

This is an absolutely amazing song. The lyrics are so powerful reminding us that Jesus is with us and knows what we are facing. Jesus came to earth to live a normal life, a life without sin, a life we could not live. He faced everything that we face and more yet he never sinned. He found His strength in the word of God and remained pure and holy.

Jesus was tempted and tested when He was here on earth and He stayed firm in the ways of the Lord. It’s easier to back down and deny but that is not the best life for us to live. We need to stand firm in Jesus and live a life that reflects who He is.

‘…Here in my hour of need 
I’m lonely, forsaken again 
I’m wounded and left here to bleed 
With no solace from a stranger or friend 
Who hears my cry to revive and restore? 
One who has been here before…’

When we face the hard times and it feels like we are alone, we can remember God is always with us. He wants us to run to Him with our joy, with our praise, with our tears and with our pain. He restores us when we feel broken and bruised. He loves us so much more than we know.

‘…He’s been in my shoes 
Been down this road before 
He’s been tested, too 
He’s been through this door 
He feels the pain and He heals the bruise 
He’s been in my shoes 
He’s been in my shoes…’

The chorus is quite simply, beautiful. It reminds us that Jesus has faced what we face. He’s been in our shoes, He understands the pain but He also holds the answer and the healing.

‘…The union of God in a man 
Is a mystery that I can’t understand 
And now with my suffering known 
I’m reminded that I’m never alone 
Who has been tried and been tempted this way? 
Jesus who now hears me pray…

…He was a man just like me 
But He lived His life blamelessly 
Now I’m beginning to see 
He holds my hand 
He understands…’

Jesus knows all the pain of earth, He took our sin while He hung on the cross. He knows our pain and He holds my hand. He walks me through the valleys because He loves so unconditionally.

When challenges arise and you feel shaky, just remember Jesus has faced what you are facing. He can help you through whatever you face. Just call out His name and He will make you UNSHAKABLE!

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends