I Will Go

I Will Go

Hey guys and welcome back to another Faith Filled Friends devotion. Today I will be basing the devotion around the awesome Big Daddy Weave song, “I Will Go”. If the name sounds familiar, it should, Clarkie did a devotion titled “My Story” which is one of Big Daddy Weaves latest singles. So, let’s jump in then!

I Will Go- Big Daddy Weave

‘Standing in the place
Where doubt and faith collide
Staring in the face
Of fear that has to die…’

‘…When You call my name
There’s only one reply
No I won’t wait
I’ll give You my whole life…’

“I Will Go”! It is a phase that we read a lot in the bible. Many of the people in the bible are in there because of that phrase. They listened and obeyed. But living this out is much harder that just saying the those words.

We must remember that God is God and He does not need us, but He wants us. To be called by God to do His good work is amazing! But we are all called to live this life and go. It must be evident in our everyday life and we should be full of the Fruits of the Spirit.

But we don’t always live it out. We fall short so often. If can be something so small that you ignore, but two seconds later you can hear yourself saying, “WWJD!!(What Would Jesus Do?)!” God has called us to carry the light into this world, where ever we go. It doesn’t matter what we do, it is our response that makes the difference.

‘…I will go where You send me
To the ends of the earth
Just say the word and I’ll go
I will go where You lead me
I’ll follow Your heart
Wherever You are
I’ll go…’

My response will be this song. I will go. I want God to use me. I am an empty vessel that I want God to use. He has called all of us to get up and go. We have to respond to Jesus with our action.

All things are possible with God. This is important to know before we go. We have faith that Jesus is stronger and more powerful than any situation. Just remember Jeremiah 29:11, God has great plans for you. Big Daddy Weave reminds us of this and it is super encouraging.

‘…In Your Name, the blind will see
The lame will walk, the bound are free
In Your name, the darkness hides
The mountains move, the dead will rise
In Your name, in Your name…’

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

There is power in the name of Jesus! Let’s get up and GO! It is our chance to change the world. It is our choice.

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends