A Little Hope

A Little Hope

Hey guys, it’s Gad again! I am back with a very small encouragement tonight. I really feel like with are under attack by the enemy. There has been sickness, loss of stuff and of course death. I went through a devotion series earlier this year and they looked at all the Tenth Avenue North song message videos. This one inspired me the most. It is the devotion for, “I Have This Hope”.

So here is the amazing video by Mike Donehey. Enjoy!

Josh has cover this amazing song in another devotion so if you want to check that out I’ll give you the link!

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends


3 thoughts on “A Little Hope

  1. Well it turns out Clarkie didn’t do a devotion on “I Have This Hope” which makes it one of the three songs we haven’t covered from the “Followers” album! Instead I ended up reading “Only Hope” by Clarkie (He gave me credit for ‘pulling it all together’) but maybe that’s what I was confused about! But I am still sure you did a devotion on this song!

    But when he does I will add the link! 🙂

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    • That’s what I thought too! I definitely remember covering ‘ I Have This Hope’. I also remember doing ‘ Fighting For You’. Anyway, it might be one of my next devotions! We can be encouraged by our hope in God in the midst of trouble and hardship.


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