Verse Of The Day

Verse Of The Day

Psalm 73:26
“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Our lives matter to God. This is my topic sentence for this devotion today. This may not be the most bright and colourful devotion, in fact it might be quite dull and sullen at some points. This is a message that is not discussed often because of these reasons but it is a message that needs to be heard none the less.

In life we have our seasons. Times come and times go. We have moments in our lives where everything is beautiful and we have moments where things just fall apart. Just because we Christians doesn’t mean we don’t face this. In fact I have a story to share that is personal.

My uncle died today, at 6pm this afternoon, five hours ago. He died of lung cancer and it was very heartbreaking. Because we live on the other side of the world we never got to see Him in person before He died. He had asked if we could fly back to see him one last time before God took him home. But this was not the case.

Our flesh will fade and our bodies will crumble back into dust. Life is so short and nothing lasts… Nothing but Jesus. The sacrifice that He made for us has bought our freedom. We now have an eternity to spend with Jesus in the biggest party of them all. We must never forget the promise of eternity.

We have our seasons in life where we are on fire in certain areas and then God calls us to something new. We must not be saddened by this as God has a great plan even when we can’t see it. God’s love is so great and His mercy is never ending. Trust in Him and He will never let you fade.

The Faith Filled Friends is not over. In fact it is only just getting started! This is a season in my life that God has called me to and I will obey His commands. So don’t expect us to start slowing down.

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends


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