You’re Gold

Hey beautiful people, and welcome back to the Faith Filled Friends. It feels like ages since I last posted a devotion, but I am looking forward to sharing this message with you all. I have had this message on my heart for a while now and I think that today would be the perfect opportunity for you to hear it. This has been a very recently discovered verse and I think that it is such a great reminder for us all. I hope you enjoy this one and may God Bless you throughout this week.

Proverbs 11:27 – Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold.

We can so often be quick to judge someone and see all of the faults within them. We look straight through them and we see them as just another person who may be in our work place, or at our university. We look at them and just see the outside, their image and their personality. As it says in this verse, anyone can find the dirt in someone. It is often that we look at someone in judgement without knowing their back story. But I tell you this. God has made us all beautiful and we are His children. We are worth more than gold to Him as He created us. As children of Christ, we are called to live for Jesus, and to be like Him. Jesus was the perfect man and He loved upon anyone and everyone. He was the one who found the gold within everyone. Loving upon all people the way that Jesus did is a very had thing to do, but we can always strive to be like Him and be encouraged to come to people who are lost and need to know that they are the gold which God made them to be. I believe that Jesus is calling us to dig deeper and to invest in people more. Meet and talk to new people, compliment someone’s outfit, and make them see that they are special because they are!

I thank you Father for the gold you find within us. I thank you for making us your creation, so that we may live to worship and praise You. You find the gold within us and we aspire to serve you by doing so for others. You are our Gold Father and may Your glory reign forever. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Finally to finish, I would like to share a song which you can probably see is very appropriate for this devotion by the title. This is a wonderful song and I never get sick of hearing it. (Thanks to Gad for introducing me to it!)

God Bless you all and lots of love,
Caitlin Malcolm, The Faith Filled Friends


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  1. Proverbs 11:27 is a wonderful verse. We are all so precious to God and He loves us more than we could ever imagine! May we look for the gold in people and look past our first impressions. May God Bless you Caitlin 🙂

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  2. So good! This is such a great song. It is the first Britt Nicole song that I ever heard (I may have heard “Set The World On Fire” before but not take notice!). It is a fantastic song and you have made a fantastic devotion.

    Only one small detail…. #whereisthemusicvideo?

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