Sunday Sessions: New Start

Sunday Sessions

Good evening everyone! Today we really just want to talk a bit and cover a great verse. And when I say we, I really mean me, but I am speaking on behalf of the team here at The Faith Filled Friends. So let’s jump in then.

This week we are really going to try and pick up our devotion regularity. I know for me personally, my devotions get all over the place. I have short devotions then long devotions. Morning devotions and then evening devotions. So this week, I will try to fix this little problem up. Next is also to do with this topic but it is about the team. This week we will try to get everyone on board again!

We believe it is time to start something new… That leads me into my next segment. We will try to promote and album each week or sometimes more often. And by this I mean we will talk about the album and our thoughts on it. We might also attempt to do album reviews and highlights. We know there has been talk about The Faith Filled Friends YouTube channel, but that hasn’t truly picked up as of yet. I know that I would be really excited to attempt a channel but I would really need the whole team on board with it and right now we have all been really busy so it has been hard to try something so new. This isn’t ruling it off the list but I just wanted to shed some light on that situation. That is why we might start doing album reviews on the website instead. But we are working on some things still.

Now it is time to look back to Jesus, the star maker! The Lord of Lords, King of Kings!

Psalm 96:1
Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.

We believe God is calling us to stand up and start something new. We, after all, talk about music everyday on this website, so it is appropriate to have this verse. I really believe that God wants to use this verse for people who may be in a stale patch in their life. Sometimes we can go through the motions singing the same songs at church, listening to the same message from the pastor or just reading the same devotions everyday on a particular site! God wants us to sing a new song, to search for Him and find fresh oil.

I am tired of feeling like this is just a part of life. It really isn’t! Everyday when I pray and read the word, I want to do it because I want to! Jesus is a choice… A relationship not a religion or a routine. So let’s stop treating it like that!!! Walk a new way when you go for a prayer walk. Listen to some new songs when you praise God, get some fresh worship or some really classic songs that you haven’t heard in ages (His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Amazing Grace, Jesus Paid It All or Holy Holy Holy). Don’t do it because you have to, but do it because Jesus loves you and you love Him. Just give Him control to move like He does!

God Bless everyone! Stay fresh and keep crispy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends


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