What’a up People!! It’s been a while haha

I’m super pumped to bring you guys a thought today
When I found out that I’d be bringing a thought to you guys today I kinda went to God and prayed.

“God, I have no idea what I should speak on, just show me, show me one thing for these guys that will change their year completely”
Nothing happened immediately, but in the middle of the week God just sorta put on my heart this one sentence, and it was a bit random at first, I remember I was out putting my clothes out on the line to dry, doing my chores you know 😜, and God just put in my heart the words ‘HUNGER for God’
At first I was like “Hunger? That’s a bit random”

But who knows that’s how our God works,

He takes the illogical, the ideas that seems a bit crazy, and turns it into something beautiful in His way!
So yea, HUNGER…
You know when you look through the Bible and look at instances where there’s been a great move of God

Or a Jesus did some crazy thing,

There’s always the group of people that are Hungry for God, Hungry for what’s he’s doing,

Hungry to see the change that’s about to occur
You can see when Jesus spits into the dirt to make mud, and give the blind man his sight

The blind man was Hungry, to see.

The dude probably didn’t know what was happening but there was probably was this deep inner desire, this hunger, for him to see
You look at the story of Hannah in the Bible, she was barren for so many years, and she was bullied for it, not being able to have a child

And you see her in the temple weeping and worshipping.

The priest even came up to her asking “woman are you drunk?”

Because she was going so crazy for God

She was Hungry for God to move in her life

Hungry to see a change, and it happened

God gave her a child and His name was Samuel

He became one of the most famous prophets, he anointed King David

And this all started because Hannah was Hungry for God to do something
Another story, you look at Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedbego

They were Hungry for God, worshipping Him, even when it was against the Law to worship God

And they were thrown into a fire pit because of it

But they came out not even smelling of smoke

Because they were Hungry for God, to see him move, and change something

I looked up the dictionary meaning

Because, well, I like definitions haha

“A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat”

We can easily turn change a few words in that definition to

“A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by a lack of God, coupled with the desire for smothering to fill it”
When we’re not spending time with God and His presence our souls get hungry for Him. I know that sounds a bit deep but it’s true.That’s why people get into things like drugs, and alcohol and party and sex and all that crazy wrong stuff.

It’s because they’re looking for something to fill that desire, that Hunger for God

And they never fill it, that’s why for those people it just gets worse and worse

Because they’re not getting what God really designed them for
‭‭John‬ ‭6:33-35‬ ‭NLT when Jesus was talking to a group of people he said

“The true bread of God is the one who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” “Sir,” the crowd said, “give us that bread every day.” Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”


Right here in the scripture it tells us

“Hey Jesus in the only thing that’s Gonna work for us”

“I am the bread of Life”

Jesus understand that we get hungry for things

And we need to get hungry for him

Because trust me, that’s the only things that satisfies. I’ve seen what happens, I’ve had friends go off into drugs and alcohol

But I stayed with God, I went so far and they’re still back there sad, broken, with no vision for their lives and going nowhere in life.
I like practical things

So here’s 3 steps to get Hungry, stay Hungry for God
1. Spend your time with God and in His presence

You know there’s nothing better than to wake up in the morning, reading your bible, or listen to some worship, or to spend time praying about just anything

Isaiah 40:30-31

“Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

‭When you don’t eat, you start feeling weak and tired,

And when you don’t spend time God, spiritually you get weak and tired

Things start affecting you that never use to

You get ticked off at the stupidest things

You feel insecure

But when you spend time with God, you get this new sense of power

The Bible puts it “soar on high wings like an eagle”

You start getting this new level of confidence

You start getting this new passion for people, you wanna see people come to church, you wanna see your friend go far in life

This all comes from spending time with God, and it’s addicting

Once you’ve tried it, you never wanna go back
2. Spend time with Other Hungry people

There’s this awesome guy at my church called Liam?

Man, He’s HUNGRY and On Fire for God

Every week when I see him we just start talking about God, and how good He is, and what he’s doing in our lives

This week he was telling me how in his school he just started walking around and just praying for random people

He was praying for this one guy with a knee brace and he asked them to rate their pain out of 10. They said about an 8/10

So Liam just gets down and starts praying for this person, in front of everyone in his class

He starts praying, the guys like “okay it’s a little better

He gets done again prays again

Same story

He does this again and again prays for this person until true pain is healed 100%

He told me he even got the person, who was in a knee brace, supposed to be disabled for like 2 months, gets them down bending on their knees and everything

You know and just hearing this story just gets me fired up for God

And I’m like

“God I wanna see this happen, God show me someone to pray for”

And all of a sudden I’m Hungry and want to see a move of God like this for myself

And that all came, from surrounding myself with someone like Liam

Proverbs 27:17

“As Iron sharpens Iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”

Surround yourself with people that sharpen you

Gets you Hungry for God

Because the people you let yourself be around, is what you become

I don’t think you heard me properly

3. Last point before we go into our small groups

TO GET HUNGRY FOR GOD, you need to take the first bite
What the heck do I mean by that?

You can’t get Hungry for God, until you’ve had a taste of His goodness, His Grace, His beauty and His mercy for yourself
You could be like me and have spent your whole life in church, but there comes a time where you still have to make a decision for yourself “God I choose you, God I’m going hard for you now”

Trust me, when you do that, something supernatural happens.
Your world gets MESSED UP. In a Godly, supernatural, good way
Get Hungry for God

Watch Him CHANGE your world
God Bless

– Jono


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  1. It’s awesome to have you back Jono! This is a really encouraging message. May we get hungry for God and want to know him more.


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