Song of 2016

Songs of 2016

It is finally here! The big one, the finale. It’s The Faith Filled Friends, songs that defined 2016! To be honest, a lot of the songs were picked by me but in the end the whole team came together and now we have the pleasure of beginning this list with our first song that defined 2016! Just remember, it’s in no particular order and these are OUR favourite songs that we listened to in 2016. Do you have a favourite song from last year that wasn’t one of ours? Comment down below! Now let’s get into it!

1. Never Stop- Urban Rescue

What an awesome song! “Never Stop” is such a joyful, upbeat song. And why not? It is about God’s love chasing us to the ends of the earth!

2. Impossible Things- Chris Tomlin

What could we possibly say about Chris Tomlin? He is probably one of the most well known Christian artists. This song is so uplifting and the lyrics are beautiful. Plus, it features Danny Gokey!

3. As Long As I’m Here- Brandon Heath

My year book quote is based off this song! Brandon Heath is a musical mastermind. “As Long As I’m Here” is beautiful and it reminds us what we live for. Life is short, let’s not live for the good moments, but instead make our own. God has great plans for us, let’s reach out to the lost and remind them what love is. This is a fantastic song.

4. The River- Jordan Feliz

“The River” is such an awesome song from such an awesome artist, Jordan Feliz. This song has truly defined 2016 as we could not stop listening to it! If you haven’t heard it, check it out now!

5. A Way To See In The Dark- Jason Gray

It was hard to pick a Jason Gray song that truly defined 2016, but in the end we have “A Way To See In The Dark”. This is probably my favourite Jason Gray song of all times. It reminds us that God is with us no matter what we face, we just need faith to see Him.

6. Live It WellSwitchfoot

Oh yeah! “Live It Well” is truly a song that defined 2016. With Switchfoot’s latest album being released last year we definitely had a lot of great songs to pick from. But how could we top “Live It Well”? Every breath that we take is a miracle. God has blessed us with so much, including this great song!

7. God Is On The Move- 7eventh Time Down

This song truly made 2016. It summed up everything that happened. God is moving and His great works are visible all around us! It is a fantastic song, check it out.

8. Song Of My Father- Urban Rescue

Another song to feature on “Wow Hits 2017”. After hearing this song on Wow, I went out and bought the album, “Wild Heart”. It is a slow song that reminds us that no matter what we face, we can know that God is with us. It is an exceptional song that will probably never stop playing on my phone.

9. Battles- The Afters

What can we say about “Battles”? It started us off, the first devotion! “Battles” was in a devotion before we were called The Faith Filled Friends. It is an incredible song with so much power and truth. God is always fighting our battles and that’s why He went to the cross. It is catchy and has a beautiful sound to it. “Battles” truly defined 2016 and us!

10. Love Is Action- Tauren Wells

Tauren Wells, front man- lead singer of Royal Tailor released his EP in 2016, and although this was really sad, we have not been disappointed by Tauren’s music. “Love Is Action” is such an upbeat and fun song to listen to with a powerful message.

11. Life In The Death Of Me- Unspoken

This song truly defines 2016. Unspoken returned and took the top album spot and now they are here on this list! “Life In The Death Of Me” is one of those songs that you find yourself singing all day. It is a crazy song that is full on. The lyrics are powerful, the music is awesome and the song defined 2016 for sure.

12. You Are My Rescue- Royal Tailor

An old song makes an appearance. Okay, if you know me then you know what song took the cake for me. This is my favourite song… Ever! I heard it for the first time in 2016 and what can I say other than, it is an excellent song.

13. Crave- for King & Country

Another older song. But who can blame us for adding “Crave” to our list? For the few of us who only heard “Crave” for the first time in 2016, we have to say that it is a beautiful song. It is a slow, ballad like song that really moves the listener.

14. My Everything- Owl City

Owl City appears! Yes, here it is. “My Everything” is a beautiful song. God is above all our situations and problems but we can sometimes find ourselves trying to fix the problem on our own. God is the creator of the universe and He died so He could save us. That’s why this is a beautiful song.

15. Hold Me Together– Royal Tailor

The return of another Royal Tailor song. This is truly a beautiful song that is a great listen. This is one of my favourite Royal Tailor songs! Even when we are falling apart, God keeps us together. May we keep trusting Him, always!

16. Here Now (Madness)- Hillsong UNITED

How could Hillsong UNITED not feature? It is a beautiful song that we can worship God with. God’s love came like madness, going to that cross to set us free. With an awesome guitar rift and an amazing duet, this song really defined 2016.

17. Overflow- Tenth Avenue North

Yeah! Hands open up. If this song surprises you, then you didn’t listen to enough music this year! God’s love overflows unto us. His love was poured out so lavishly. This Tenth Ave song really made 2016 that much more fun. It is an upbeat song with catchy lyrics.

18. After You- Britt Nicole

“After You” was a must! “After You”, is one of the most honest and lyrically poignant songs Britt Nicole has ever made. Big words, but it is true. The lyrics are moving and truly beautiful. “After You” is an exceptional song.

19. What You Want- Tenth Avenue North

Here we go again. This was the first single from “Followers”. We are always trying to get ahead and be a leader. But Jesus was the ultimate follower. This album and song are both lyrical masterpieces. This was another catchy song that made our year that much more awesome.

20. Live To Praise You- Lincoln Brewster

The joy of the Lord is our strength. This song is so much fun. With funky rhythm, an awesome beat, epic lyrics and a guitar solo! This was a Christmas album for me. I am sure the others have heard more of Lincoln but this was a first for me, and it was awesome.

21. One Step Away- Casting Crowns

What a great single from 2016. This song has some incredible lyrics but not only great lyrics. With an awesome sound vibrating out from this song we can’t help but sing along.

22. Christ In Me- Nine Lashes

If you have been with The Faith Filled Friends for a while, then you would have expected this. This song is so incredible it got its own series in 2016. The beat is crisp and the music is raw and beautiful. But the lyrics take the cake for us! I bet you didn’t expect a Alternative Christian band to feature, but how could we not add this song?

23. Hills and Valleys- Tauren Wells

Around the same time as “Christ In Me” we got the Tauren Wells EP. Hills and Valleys is such a beautiful song that reminds us that we are never alone. In the good, the bad and the ugly, God is with us! It is a beautiful song that I will never stop playing.

24. Higher- Unspoken

What an intro right?! This is how Unspoken said, ‘We are back!’ This was the bands first single from “Follow Through” and it is an incredible song. With guitars, drums, keys, bass and of course trumpets, how could you go wrong? This song defined 2016 but it’s absence from “Wow Hits 2017” is still a mystery!

25. Eye Of The Storm- Ryan Stevenson

“Eye Of The Storm” is a fantastic song that has truly moved us during 2016. It deserves more recognition as it really is an amazing song. God’s love holds us no matter the situation or storm.

26. Through Your Eyes- Britt Nicole

Welcome back after four years. We would all say that we missed Britt during that time, but this was her return. “Through Your Eyes” is such an amazing song. It’s one of those songs that makes you sing along. It somehow always gets stuck in your head, which is a great thing. It is funky and fresh and we all enjoyed it in 2016.

27. Control- Tenth Avenue North

Wow. This is one of the most beautiful songs that we received in 2016. It literally brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it! The lyrics are anointed. Tenth Avenue North took 2016 by storm and we are so grateful. God’s love just pours out of this song!

28. Call It Grace- Unspoken

It made it to my Moms favourites playlist, so it has to be good! “Call It Grace” is one of my favourite songs of all times. Ryan Hawks got me this album for my birthday and it is taken away by this beautiful song. It is one of the most powerful CCM songs that I have ever heard. Just call it what it is… Amazing!

29. What If I Gave Everything- Casting Crowns

Oh yeah my friends. This song is definitely my favourite Casting Crowns song. It reminds us that God is calling us to greater things but we hold back from Him. This song is the Casting Crown’s, “Life In The Death Of Me”. It is a fantastic song that should get more attention.

30. At Your Feet (Surrender)- Dan Bremnes

This is the most beautiful song on the Dan Bremnes album, “Where The Light Is”. I was blessed to get it for Christmas and I have to say that this song deserves a spot on this list. It is slow and beautiful. It is a beautiful song that you can worship God with. Sing praises to the Lord of all. Lift Him up with praise and worship. We surrender all we are to you God! Take my life and make it shine for you!

Now is the time where we tell you our favourite song of 2016… Except, it is going to be slightly different! Each of us will let you know the song that we think defined 2016 the most. So let’s begin.

Here Now (Madness)- Hillsong UNITED

‘Bro, I’d have to say “Here Now” aye! Great song.’

After You- Britt Nicole

‘Definitely include those… it is a must. It’s a really great song. I love how it’s message is about how we should always be after God through the hard times rather than trying to fix things for ourselves.’

Life In The Death Of Me- Unspoken

‘It’s been one of those songs that I find myself singing along to lots! But my top three- “Life In The Death of Me”, “Live It Well” and “Overflow”… Or “What You Want”…’

You Are My Rescue- Royal Tailor

‘Would anyone expect any other song if they saw this on the list?! Probably my favourite of all times. But I would put “Hold Me Together” and “Hills and Valleys” next… I love my Royal Tailor!’

Well that was really hard to do! So that is our list of best songs we listened to in 2016. So what would your list look like? It just has to be songs you heard for the first time in 2016 and songs that really defined 2016 for you! I agree with every song on the list! They all sum up 2016 for me!

Well, thanks for joining us and supporting what we do! On behalf of The Faith Filled Friends, thank you so much for a great 2016 and all the support! We hope you can join us for our “Songs of 2017”! I already have a few contenders. But until then, that’s the end of this “The Best” series.

God Bless,

The Faith Filled Friends

5 thoughts on “Song of 2016

  1. Honourable Mentions (Songs that missed out):
    1. Sparrows- Jason Gray
    2. Take This City- Everfound (heard before 2016)
    3. Unashamed- Building 429 (heard before 2016)
    4. Life Is Beautiful- The Afters (heard before 2016)
    5. He Knows My Name- Francesca Battistelli
    6. Good Good Father- Chris Tomlin
    7. Everything Comes Alive- We Are Messengers (and Magnify!)
    8. Wordless- Lauren Daigle
    9. Priceless + Ceasefire- for King & Country
    10. “Follow Through”, “Wild Heart” and “Followers” albums (too many songs!)
    11. Christ In Me- Jeremy Camp
    12. Feel Invincible- Skillet
    13. Walking Like Giants- Stars Go Dim
    14. Mended- Matthew West
    15. Limitless- Colton Dixon
    16. Feel It- TobyMac
    17. Happiness- NEEDTOBREATHE
    18. Undefeated- Tauren Wells
    19. Real Love- Young And Free
    20. Live Like You’re Loved- Hawk Nelson…

    And there are probably stacks more that we missed! I’ll probably add the ones I missed into a rely to this comment!

    Did we miss one of your favourites? I know we missed “Life Is Beautiful”… sorry Caitlin!

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    • Also “Grace Wins” by Matthew West… and I would have put “In Christ Alone” by Owl City, but I am sure I heard that in 2015… I also forgot to mention “Feel It” and “Move (Keep Walkin’)” by tobyMac.

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