Album of 2016

Album of 2016

The title of this devotion should be “Albums of 2016” because there were just so many incredible albums. Amazing new artist combined with a heap of veterans like The Afters, Switchfoot, Tenth Avenue North, Casting Crowns and Britt Nicole… Just to name a few. The crew here at The Faith Filled Friends have had a hard time deciding on the greatest album of last year, but we have finally come to a conclusion. So, in no particular order, let’s have a look at the Top 12 albums of 2016!

1. Follow Through- Unspoken

An upbeat, enthusiastic, fast paced and enjoyable album. The album has some hard hitting moments and some songs that slow down and praise God. These 14 songs (deluxe) are each amazing and so well written. Unspoken are an exceptional band and this album is the proof.

2. The River- Jordan Feliz

Jordan Feliz is a new artist and he really hits hard with this album. “The River” is an upbeat and amazing album. It has been given a perfect score by numerous other people, so we could not leave it off our list.

3. The Very Next Thing- Casting Crowns

With worship, CCM and a few more genres in this album, it has something for everyone. With powerful lyrics, Casting Crowns has really created a beautiful album that should be heard by everyone.

4. Children of God- Phil Wickham

So this is a new one for me, which I picked up at Christmas (thanks Mom!). Phil Wickham has extraordinary musical talent. This worship album has some truly beautiful moments yet still feels like radio friendly music. If you like Contemporary Christian Music and Worship, then you will love this album.

5. Love Riot- Newsboys

The Newsboys are back. This album is another hard hitting album. It cranks out thought provoking songs such as “Crazy” and “Guilty”. It is a beautiful album which we all love.

6. Wild Heart- Urban Rescue

What do you expect from a new artist? Definitely not a perfect album! But Urban Rescue did the unexpected, with “Wild Heart”. As I said before, this is a pure master piece, flawless! Every song is perfect and so enjoyable and we can’t wait for the next album!

7. Where the Light Gets In- Jason Gray

This is a beautiful album by our friend, Jason Gray. It has some of the best songs on it and if you have been with us you will recognise a few from our devotions. Jason Gray is quite underrated but it doesn’t mean he is not a good artist. He might be one of the greatest lyricist of modern CCM!

8. Where the Light Shines Through- Switchfoot

Veterans, Switchfoot returned in 2016 with an amazing album. Jon Foreman is an incredible singer/songwriter and the band have excelled! This album is full of the bands best work and if you like CCM, then you’ll like “Where the Light Shines Through”.

9. Britt Nicole- Britt Nicole

After four years, Britt is back with this self titled album. With super catchy lyrics and upbeat music, you can’t not like Britt’s music, and this album is no exception. With songs based on her life in the past four years and some other incredible songs. Britt Nicole shines in the music industry. Check out her latest single, “Through Your Eyes”.

10. Live On Forever- The Afters

One of my favourite bands of all times, The Afters, returned in 2016 with another amazing album. After their “Life is Beautiful” album, the band had a lot to live up to and they smashed all our expectations. An amazing album that is a must for all CCM fans. The album was really acknowledged with the release of the single, “Battles”.

11. Followers- Tenth Avenue North

A lyrical masterpiece! Tenth Ave really know how to write some incredible songs. The music is amazing and the lyrics are outstanding. Mike Donehey has brought everything to the table with “Followers”. Definitely defining 2016, Tenth Avenue North will continue to bless us with this album. This album is not just a happy-clappy album, but rather a thought provoking work of art. We are excited to see what comes next, as we Want What He Wants!

12. Let There Be Light- Hillsong

Hillsong releases some of the most influential music and “Let There Be Light” is an example. A beautiful worship album that reminds us that God is the author of humanity and that He cares so deeply for us. His words are spoken throughout this album.

Honourable Mentions

1. These Are The Days- Love and the Outcome


3. We Are Messengers- We Are Messengers

4. Undefeated- Tauren Wells

5. Campfire 2- Rend Collective

6. 2.0- Citerzen Way

The Faith Filled Friends album of 2016 goes to…

Follow Through- Unspoken

Runner Ups go to:

Followers- Tenth Avenue North
Britt Nicole- Britt Nicole
Wild Heart- Urban Rescue

So what have been some of our favourite albums during 2016? Well this can include any album as long as it really defined your 2016. So what did we say? Here are our top albums during 2016!

1. Royal Tailor- Royal Tailor

2. Unashamed- Building 429

3. Life Is Beautiful- The Afters

4. Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong- for King & Country

5. Diamonds- Hawk Nelson

God Bless. Thank you for joining us this evening. We want to thank all the artists and bands behind all this great music! We really appreciate it.

The Faith Filled Friends


2 thoughts on “Album of 2016

  1. It’s finally here! The Faith Filled Friends top albums of 2016!

    We apologise if we missed any albums.

    Looking back now, I notice that we forgot “How Can It Be” by Lauren Daigle for top albums during the year! It is really hard to pick a limited number of albums, but this is what we came up with.

    It was supposed to go, Top 10 albums and the 6 runner ups (for 16… 2016), but when I looked at my list, I realised that “Followers” was missing… And that couldn’t be left off!

    There are so many great albums and artists out there. We encourage you to check them out. I mean, it couldn’t hurt! Treat yourself to a new album or a fresh CD. It will truly bless you!

    Tomorrow will be Top/Best Songs of 2016, so stay tuned!

    God Bless

    The Faith Filled Friends

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