Band of 2016

We have had an amazing year of music and the bands were no exception. A few veteran bands released albums, and they were incredible. So The Faith Filled Friends top 3, in no particular order

1. The Afters- Live on Forever

One of our favourite bands. This album didn’t gain a load of attention but is an amazing album and a must get for any The Afters fans. Cranking the smash hit song, which we love, “Battles”.

2. Switchfoot- Where the Light Shines Through

A very highly rated album. Switchfoot released this album during the year and it received a lot of praise. Jon Foreman is an incredible singer song writer. With some amazing songs like, “Live It Well” and “Float” the band proves to be extremely talented.

3. Tenth Avenue North- Followers

If you don’t know Tenth Av, then you don’t listen to much CCM. With smash hits like, “What You Want”, they managed to colour our year. It is an album which is a lyrical masterpiece. I have done a devotion off this album and you realise how much the songs mean.

So it was a hard decision but The Faith Filled Friends have decided which band took it home last year…

Best Band of 2016 goes to…

Tenth Avenue North

Their songs are lyrically beautiful and they have given us a lot of devotions! Trust me, The Faith Filled Friends have almost covered the whole “Followers” album!

God bless. Thanks for joining us this evening. We are so grateful to have such amazing and talented people praising our God! Amen!

The Faith Filled Friends


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  1. I have really enjoyed Tenth Ave’s Followers album! I know what you mean Gad, we have pretty much covered the whole album because it’s so good!



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