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Hey guys, I told you that I would be back soon! This is very late as in time wise and date wise. I have been meaning to make this devotion for a long time but God has been putting such a large amount of songs and scriptures on my heart that I just didn’t have time! Now I decided to do a double devotion day. So let’s jump in then.

Here on The Faith Filled Friends, we look at music and use songs to create devotions. Music is so good and the lyrics of these songs are so good. So ever since 2015 I have done awards for my favourite artists of the year, and The Faith Filled Friends have decided to bring it to you.

The Faith Filled Friends have done many devotions and a lot have been off this artists songs. It is almost a crime not to give this artist the award.

Artist of the Year- 2016 goes to…
Lauren Daigle

We have to include new artists of the year as well. This new artist has made such an impart already. With only one album released, we have already covered at least 3 of the songs from it. Gad has said that the album is a hands down, Five Star.

New Artist of the Year- 2016 goes to…
Urban Rescue

God bless. Thanks for joining us this evening. We are so grateful to have such amazing and talented people praising our God! Amen!

The Faith Filled Friends


5 thoughts on “Artist of 2016

  1. YES LAUREN YOU SLAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE THE BEST! GO GET ‘EM GIRL! I was going to say, if you didn’t put Lauren, there would be a complaint! Nice one Gad, Lauren is an awesome artist and also an amazing person!
    God Bless

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  2. It was posted late because of my youth group! Sorry!

    Also, we have to mention artists like Tauren Wells and Jordan Feliz. Two amazing new artists who have big careers ahead of them. They couldn’t be left off!

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