So after going on the youth camp I have come back home with a different perspective on a few things, one thing being how some guys treat girls. Yes, on a youth camp there was still some of that amongst the kids. It surprised me because I had never noticed it before, but I had the pleasure to experience the camp through a new perspective.

Priceless- for King & Country

Love is a word that has had it’s meaning altered a lot. But what people call love today, that is not love! What is love then? Love is Jesus, He is the definition of love!

1 John 3:16
This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

There is no greater love than the love of God. Love is willing to lay down it’s life for some one else. Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy, love is blind. But nowadays love is just a feeling for someone else that gives you pleasure. Love is selfless, it does not give the lover pleasure. Jesus love when He was nailed to that cross, He didn’t take pleasure from that love.

So as a man I believe chivalry is still around, it’s rare but it still exists. So what is chivalry? Well there was a time where there was a code, called Code Chivalry. If a man had chivalry then he was admired by woman and respected by other men. It was a code of honour. The code of chivalry stated that you had to protect the church and listen to the church. It said that you had to defend the weak. You should not retreat from the enemy and you should love your country. You should be generous, you should always listen to your leaders unless it was against Gods word and you should never lie.

So what is chivalry in a man- what does it look like? (Sorry to all the ladies out there, it is more of a man focus devotion but I am sure this message can help us all!) “Treating woman as if they are priceless like magnificent works of art to be protected, honoured, cared for and cherished.” (A for King & Country quote). I got that quote from the advert for “Priceless” their new movie.

Men these days take advantage of woman and they don’t have really love but a mish mash of trash that is called love. When I see these young boys looking at girls like that and seeking girls as if they are objects, it really hurts me. My connect group leader at my youth told me the one time, “Think of a girl as if she was your sister. Would you want some guys looking at her like that? No! So don’t do it yourself.” This really spoke to me and as a son of God I want to do what’s right but we will fall short.

This code of chivalry is fading into the past and it slowly becomes a history lesson story. In year eight when we discussed medieval times, chivalry was one of my favourite topics. To believe that men can be bigger than what the world and the devil calls them to be. The world says that it’s normal, but we know that it is sin. Lust is a sin and when we look at Gods creations like that it hurts Him and it hurts us.

This world may think love is a thing of the past, but I believe it is something that still lives. The devil may say that it is gone, but when we look to the cross we remember what love is! Nothing is bigger than Gods love, it holds us all together!

Psalms 29:11
The Lord gives His people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.

If you are struggling with this aspect of life, remember that God does impossible things. He will strengthen you as you wait on Him.

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

This is the verse that we founded The Faith Filled Friends on. It is my favourite verse in the bible and I believe God wants to remind you that He holds everything in His hand. He has a plan and a hope for you, don’t let the devil whisper lies into your life. We are all valuable and priceless to Jesus, He died for me, He died for you! He has your future in control, so don’t go running into relationships thinking that you can do it yourself. God has the perfect husband or wife for you!

God bless!

The Faith Filled Friends

*Thank you for all the support since the beginning. We are grateful. I just found this video now when I went to find the “Priceless” song. Please enjoy! God Bless.


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  1. Hi guys. This was a great devotion. I know a lot of people struggle in this area and no one likes to talk about it so thanks.
    Also it’s good to have you guys back again. We missed your devotions. I am still waiting for Jonolivs devotion, I love his style.
    God Bless.

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  2. All of us are priceless in the eyes of God and as men, we need to love women as God’s special creation. When we look at God, we can know real love and it is with that kind of love that women should be treated with. This was a great devotion Gad, I enjoyed this one!


    • Thanks Josh! I am so glad you did. I struggled with it a bit, it was hard to word things. But it was such a blessing to find that video! Joel and Luke are such great guys and they worded it beautifully. I mean even I was moved by that video.

      I believe we are called to be people of God. We are God’s children. We should respect one another and love everyone.

      As men we are called to protect and stand up for all ladies. God has intrusted us with this gift, and some of us really abuse it.

      But thanks for the feedback and the awesome comment

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