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Hey guys and welcome to another devotion. Over the holidays I got to listen to a lot of new music and I had a lot of time to think. That can be dangerous… But that’s good, right?

When it comes to faith, life gets harder. What is faith? As a Christian we hear a lot of talk on faith and we sometimes don’t truly understand what it is. So here is what faith is: complete belief in something that is unseen, untouched and unheard. Believing in something that is abstract.
Faith is not a thing we can just grow or get. Faith is a gift from God and we should all be grateful for that gift.

I got the Dan Bremnes album, “Where The Light Is” for Christmas, and it is amazing. But while on a train the song, “Faith Is” sung out to me. Have a listen for yourself.

Faith Is- Dan Bremnes

‘I say I’m waiting on You
Maybe You’re waiting on me
I’m asking for You to move
But I’m not moving my feet
I’ve searched your heart for a sign
I wanna fight in the sky
So I keep waiting on You
And You keep waiting on me…’

We can find ourselves seeking God and finding nothing. You could be reading your bible and praying but it feels like God isn’t there. Just because you don’t feel Him, doesn’t mean He isn’t there. Keep waiting on Him!

‘…Well faith is fearless, deeper than doubt
And it looks straight through what I can’t figure out
It doesn’t hesitate
Just step out on the waves
Head first, reckless
That’s what faith is…’

That is indeed what faith is! It doesn’t care what other people think, but instead stands up for what it believes. To be Faith Filled is to be filled with incredible faith. To believe in something even when the world is against you.

Over the holidays we watched Horton Hears a Who. Horton the elephant stands up for these invisible people he can’t see, and when everyone is against him, he just has to deny hearing them. But he still stands up for them. This is a story of faith and boldness, standing up for what you believe. We can learn from this picture of boldness.

As The Faith Filled Friends, we believe that this world needs more faith. As the times get harder for Christians, Christians must get harder, more faith filled!

We know that this world is tough. It seems that everyone is against us Christians. But with God we can stand up and believe that we can make a difference on this earth. So let’s walk out on those waves!

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends


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