Simple Gospel

Welcome back to The Faith Filled Friends everyone! I have really loved doing the devotions for this week and I am really looking forward to doing more in the near future. Today I will be keeping it very simple, hence the title of today’s song, Simple Gospel, by United Pursuit. I hope you all enjoy.

“I want to know you, Lord, like I know a friend, I want to know you, Lord.” Our relationship which we have with God is something which is personal to us. Every person has a different relationship with God, whether they connect and talk to Him on a daily basis, or if it is only sometimes, we all still have our God right by our side. I know that I know our Lord, the way that I know a friend. I know that a God is my friend and I can come to Him through any situation. He is so loyal and loving, He is simply love. No matter what you are going through, He is there and He always will be. As we come closer to God, we start to know Him better and the purpose which He has for our lives. He has built us up to be the strong people of Christ we are today, and He strengthens us through His love.

Romans 5:8 – But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

“I reach out and you find me in the dust
, You say no amount of untruths can separate us
, I reach out and you find me in the dust
You say no amount of untruths can separate us
, I reach out and you find me in the dust
, You say no amount of untruths can separate us.”

Our relationship with God is also one which is inseparable and irreplaceable. No matter what we do and no matter what we say, we are loved and loved so dearly. We are forgiven in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. When we are at the lowest of lows, God gives us His hand and says “Take it, I’ve got you.” He knows exactly where we are, even when we feel as if we are somewhere that’s not on the map. No matter what is said and what is done, nothing can separate us from Him and the way He loves us. It says in the lyrics that no amount of untruths can separate us, and this is so true. We will have lies and false statements thrown our way and we will feel damaged, but God is with us. Let us behold Him and praise Him for the God that He is!
I thank you Jesus, I thank you God!

God Bless you all,
Caitlin Malcolm, The Faith Filled Friends


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  1. Christianity is all about the relationship between us and God. He is our friend who loves us no matter what and nothing can ever come between us.


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