Day 11: Gloria


Christmas is fast approaching as you would have probably noticed as more of your advent calendar doors are open. The shops get super busy, people start getting frantic and there are tons of lights and decorations everywhere. I notice because I never hear Royal Tailor, Unspoken or Building 429 any more, but instead I hear MercyMe, Cliff Richard, some other artists and more recently Lauren Daigle. There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than listening to Christmas carols. So, that is what we will be doing today. So, let’s jump in then!

Today we have MercyMe and their Christmas cover of “Gloria”. This album really feels like Christmas for me. I listened to this Christmas album for the whole of last Christmas and it is amazing.

MercyMe- Gloria

‘…How could Heaven’s heart not break
On the day, the day that You came?
Salvation’s reason to celebrate
On the day, the day that You came…’

What is the true meaning of Christmas? Why, we are a Christ focused, daily devotional group I am sure we would know! But then again, a lot of people can forget. Yes, we know Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. We know He came to earth as a human to save us from sin.

Christmas can get really hectic and we all know that, but don’t let that distract you from the true meaning of Christmas. We will run through the shops looking for presents or Christmas food but that is not what we are supposed to do. Stop. Sit down and spend time with God, talk to Him, wait on Him. Thank Him for Jesus and the greatest gift of all.

Jesus gave up a life of comfort to save us. Christmas time is about giving and loving but also about others. Don’t sit back and be ashamed or too busy to tell your friends and family about Jesus because that is what Christmas is truly about. Invite someone to a carols event or invite someone to church give them the gift of life this Christmas. Let’s be people that give hope and joy and life, not just at Christmas, but every day we have.

Enjoy your Christmas. Have fun and live it well. Jesus came so that we could have life, joy and hope. He came so that we could enjoy life but His sacrifice should not be forgotten during Christmas. December is busy, but remember to make some space for Jesus! Wait on Him this Christmas.

I pray that you all have a Merry Christmas, full of joy and fun. I pray that you and your families will draw closer and also move towards Jesus during this festive time. Enjoy your carols and your fun guys! Jesus came to give life to the full!

Luke 2:14- Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Merry Christmas

The Faith Filled Friends


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  1. Great work Gad! It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the commercialism and festivities of Christmas, but nothing is more important than Jesus at Christmas! Like you said, we should seek to spend time with Jesus during this busy time. Without Jesus, there is no Christmas.

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