Day 10: Go Tell It On The Mountain

Happy Saturday friends!

I know Christmas isn’t here just yet, but when I was thinking about what song I wanted to share today, I remembered this carol! While I was listening to Sonshine FM yesterday afternoon, this amazing carol was played and I was trying to pick the artist the whole way through! It wasn’t until the the end that I realised it was NEEDTOBREATHE. I really love this band and I love their version of this carol too! Their signature country style really comes through in this song. I hope this gets you into the Christmas spirit as we continue our count up to Christmas. I pray this song blesses you and that you enjoy it!


“Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere, go tell it on the mountain Jesus Christ is born…”

The news of Jesus’ birth is the most amazing news ever! It’s the news that the saviour of the world has come, to save the world from sin. God sent Jesus, His one and only son to earth, to be born and to be the saviour of the world. Christmas is just the beginning of God’s incredible plan for us! The news of Jesus’ birth is life changing because of what He came to do. We can’t keep news this great to ourselves. Let’s tell everyone about this news! We don’t literally have to go to the top of a mountain and shout at the top of our lungs, but there are so many practical ways we can share the truth of Christmas with those around us. Whether it’s inviting someone to a Christmas service at church, or to a carols event, there are so many people who really need to hear what Christmas is all about. Without Jesus, there would be no Christmas! People everywhere deserve to know about the gift of Jesus.

Many people just celebrate Christmas for the food, the presents and all the wrong reasons. There is nothing wrong with these festivities, but when Jesus is out of the picture of Christmas, something is wrong. I really hope and pray that everyone can know the real reason for Christmas. Let’s proclaim the message of our Saviour’s birth! He is the true reason for the season.

Luke 2:11- “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord”.

“Now in a lonely manger, the humble Christ was born, and God sent our salvation, that blessed this Christmas morn…”

Jesus was the king and the Messiah, yet He wasn’t born in a palace as kings usually were. He was born in a manger, an animal trough in a stable. He humbled himself to a man, to become one of us. He was God in human form. Jesus is our salvation, the only salvation from our sins. We are stuck in sin, with no way out but Jesus. He loved us so much that he came to earth to take the punishment from us. The first Christmas morning, God’s plan to save us was put in place. May we never forget God humbled Himself to become one of us, to dwell with us, ultimately to pay the price for our sins.

Philippians 2:8- “And being found in appearance as a man,he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross”.

Acts 4:12- “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved”.

“Hallelujah Hallelujah Jesus Christ is born, hallelujah Hallelujah savior of the world, hallelujah Hallelujah Jesus Christ is born, hallelujah Hallelujah savior of the world…”

God is deserving of all of our praise because He came to earth to save us! He didn’t leave us dead in our sins, rather He came to redeem us from them. Jesus is the saviour of the world, for everyone. I pray that people will come to know the true and amazing message of Christmas and not get caught up in all the festivities. Just like I said earlier, without Jesus, there is no Christmas! Let’s never forget why we celebrate and I pray we will have opportunities to share this fantastic news with others.

Lord I thank you for coming to earth as a man, as one of us to save us from our sins. Thank you for your love which is so much greater than we can imagine. I pray people will take the time this Christmas season to remember the real reason for the celebrations. May you give us opportunities to share with those around us, the news of you coming to earth to free us and give us salvation. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

God Bless you this Christmas!

Josh Clarke- The Faith Filled Friends







5 thoughts on “Day 10: Go Tell It On The Mountain

  1. Good old NEEDTOBREATHE. This is such a classic song, I remember singing it back in Sunday School. I only found out this year that it was a Christmas song. Yeah, I just thought it was a normal song but it is in fact a Christmas song. Awesome stuff, thanks Josh!

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      • Haha! Well the whole time the song was playing I was running through all the bands it could be… Tenth Ave, Crowder… and then at the end I was like NEEDTOBREATHE! But yes, they have a very distinctive sound which I really love!


    • It is such a classic! But like I said in the devotion, NEEDTOBREATHE do it so well! It is a Christmas song, but it’s one of those songs you can sing all year round! Thanks Gad, I’m glad you enjoyed it mate!


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