Day 8

Devotion Time With The Faith Filled Friends

Before we get into this, we would really like to thank you all. To everyone who reads our devotions, who likes and comments, to anyone who shares this with their friends and to everyone who has made this possible. The bible talks a lot on thankfulness and we believe that this is a crucial aspect of being a Christian because our lives are miracles. Every breath we take is a gift from God and all our friends and our families are also amazing gifts. Life is precious and short so we should never take things for granted but rather see everything as a miracle.

Before we jump right in, I would like to finish my thanks.

To my friends who read our devotions, yes that’s you! I would like to thank you for all the support. We understand that life is unpredictable and so are our devotions, but you still take time to read the devotions we write. Thank you for giving us a motivation to do more and push harder. Without you guys, The Faith Filled Friends wouldn’t be going. So a massive thanks to you.

Thank you to everyone who helps keep our website going. Thanks to WordPress, our site host. If it wasn’t for what they do, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to write these devotions.

Thank you to our families for allowing us the time and resources to manage this website. I know I use a lot of time to customise the site and to write the devotions. Thank you.

Thank you to my crew, team and my great friends. This is for all The Faith Filled Friends crew. You guys give everything to this, to God’s work. I am so proud and so grateful. I can see Christ in you guys and it is awesome. We have come a long way from where we started and it’s because of our unity as a team.

Thank you Jono. To our main photographer who captures some amazing photos for our website. Dude you are a legend and I haven’t even covered your devotions. Jonathan has such a passion for Jesus! With a heart on fire, Jono steps out in faith and in courage, believe that God can change how people live. Your devotions have such character and colour. You add so much to this team! I can’t wait for our next project for God. You always have so many ideas. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Caitlin. Seriously, what would The Faith Filled Friends be without Caitlin. She brings so much love and joy thank we can’t help but feel it to. If you know Caitlin, you know how friendly and charismatic she is. With such a bubbly personality she is always ready to jump on board with our crazy ideas. When I first asked Caitlin if she wanted to be a part of this project, she was on board right away already pumped up. She is our official music buff. Her devotions carry such heart and such a beauty to them, with Caitlin’s down to Earth nature shining through. Caitlin, thank you for your amazing devotions and your awesome friendship. I can’t wait to see where God takes you in the future.

Thank you Josh. Wow, where would we be without Josh? This man has inspired me and has been by my side, every step of this incredible journey. This guy has an exceptional way with words. When I read his devotions I am blown away by how well they are written. Josh, you have been such a rock, such a pillar of support for The Faith Filled Friends and to me. With a passion for Jesus and a love for Christian music like no other (besides myself), this guy is like my brother! Josh is a reliable guy who is never too busy to help. I get caught up in loads of things and I can forget to do other things, but Josh is always there to back me up. He is super supportive, he is an excellent writer and spell check, plus he is always on board for new ideas. Josh, I can’t thank you enough. You have a passion like no other which helps an unexplainable amount. To have someone who is on board for all my crazy ideas and has some awesome ones of his own is amazing! Josh, I want to thank you for being such a gun! You have helped me and the team so much. I couldn’t do this without a Co-director like yourself. Thank you for everything you give.

And finally, I would love to thank Jesus! My rock, my strength, my hope, my love, my everything! When I am tired and worn out, Jesus is always there for me. When the internet is down and I am freaking out, He is there to help. When my fruits are lacking, Jesus reminds me I am not alone. Thank you to the one who gives me the dreams, ideas and passions that I have! I can’t praise Him enough for all He has down! Christmas reminds me of your gift, your life. Through Jesus we are forgiven and we gain the Holy Spirit, living inside us. Jesus is my everything. I give my life back to Him, the one who breathed into me. Thank you for calling me into this outreach. It has been extraordinary. Thank you for my friends and family who have supported me. Thank you for my life.

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Thank Jesus for the hope and life that you give. I know that you alone give life, and life to the full. I am eternally grateful for your sacrifice and for your love! I love you! And I give you everything. Help me surrender once and forever, and follow through!

So, let’s jump in then!

Thankfulness. It’s quite easy, but also quite hard. When we are on the mountains we find it easy to thank God. But what about the valleys, the hard times, the low points? Do you pursue Jesus with a heart of thankfulness when life is hard? I don’t see many people who do but there should be many more, all of us. Life is a miracle, let’s always be thankful. The storms drive us to the solid rock of Christ. The hard times and the struggles cause us to run to Jesus, but often for ourselves and not out of thanks.

1 Thessalonians 5:18- Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

No matter the circumstances, run to Jesus with a heart of thankfulness. God gives and takes away every joy and every pain. Everything is a gift from God, treasure it.

1 Chronicles 16:34- Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

God is always good, so give him praise. Jesus is love, He died so you and I could live! Let’s give Him some praise.

So this week, we all have some homework!

1. Thank five people in your life that you don’t normally thank!
Let these people know that they are loved. I know I love it when people appreciate me, so go find some people and thank them for what they do.

2. Spend so time with God.
This week, have some devotion time. Go for a walk on the beach or in a park. Find some time to meet with God and give Him thanks. Use the teaspoon prayer if you have to (tsp= teaspoon). So TSP: Thanks, Sorry, Please. Thank God first, then repent and ask for God’s grace. Finally go to God with wants or desires. Make sure you wait on God and give Him room.

3. Worship, praise and learn.
Listen to some praise and worship this week. If you listen to the radio, stop and put in a Christian CD. If all you have is Christmas music then put it in and listen to the words (eg. O Holy Night, What Child is This). Then read your bible and let God speak to you. Make notes and study what you read.

So this week you have to enjoy life and remember to thank God for it. Watch the sunset and praise God. God snorkelling or swim at the beach and worship God!

Thank you all for everything. I am grateful and so is the crew! Feel free to give us some feedback, we would love to grow and improve. God Bless!

The Faith Filled Friends (Gad says thanks! πŸ˜‰ )


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  1. Sorry it is so late! I was out at my church setting up our massive Christmas Lights display! Lights in the Heights! I got home and it was off for dinner, it was my beautiful mom’s birthday! So I had to do it now!

    Thank you everyone for everything!


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    • It’s all good Gad!! Better late than never! It was certainly worth the wait, I loved reading it. It reminds me there is so much to be thankful for!!


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Gad! They are much appreciated mate πŸ˜‰ I really love being apart of the devotions, I get to share all the awesome Christian music that I love so much!!! Thanks to you Gad, you had the idea and look where we are now! I just love how we can all come together and share our love of God and Christian music!

    Thanks Caitlin, Gad and Jono for all of your efforts!

    There is so much from God to be thankful for! Even when it’s hard, we can be thankful for God’s amazing grace!

    God Bless

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