Monday Motivation!!

“Fix my eyes”

I was listening to this song earlier this week. I love how it reminds us to stay focused and not get distracted from what’s important.
What is important?

Simply put, Jesus.
When we focus on Jesus we can’t help but ‘…walk the walk I’m supposed to, walk…’

We can’t help but show compassion, share the love of God and just encourage one another.
Talking about distractions reminds me of earlier last week.
I was out on the boat with one of my good friends from school. We were spending the day on the Swan River Ski-Surfing and tubing.

It was quite fun. I found myself quickly with my camera snapping away taking awesome action photos

I remember I was looking down reviewing my photos so focused on my camera changing the settings looking at how I could improve when all of a sudden everything went quiet.
It was strange I couldn’t hear the sound of the boat engine roaring away in the water anymore.

Still focused on my camera, when all of a sudden I hear my friend and his dad screaming and swearing like crazy! I looked up to see what was going on when all of a sudden.


We hit the water so hard I thought I broke something. Bounced up again and BANG this happened another 2 times!!

I honestly thought I was going to die!!!
Turns out what happened was while we were speeding away with one my my mates being towed on the back, the driver didn’t see this massive wave heading for us which lead to us hitting it with full speed, flying for what felt like 2 seconds in the air!!
You see I didn’t see it coming and neither did the driver because we were distracted. From being distracted we found ourselves in a potentially life threatening situation which DID in fact hurt.
DON’T let yourself in life get distracted by the little details from what’s important, and that is God and what we can do to bring him all the Glory!
Romans 8:37 NLT 

“No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.”
If you do find yourself distracted by what is not so important but you feel you can’t let yourself turn away from it the scripture reminds us, we have the Victory!

In all areas of our life! God grace is sufficient that we have the Victory, even in the smaller things!!
Don’t let yourself be distracted! Focus on God!
Hope this encourages you! God Bless.
– Jono 



7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!!

  1. Let’s never forget to fix our eyes on Jesus! You are the Message Monday Master Jono! Thanks so much for this message. I know in the holidays we can get caught up in other things like friends, books, sport, games, the beach and other awesome things. But that doesn’t mean our focus should drop from Jesus! Awesome stuff!

    God Bless bro

    Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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  2. Really great message Jono! It can be so easy to be distracted from the things that truly matter in this life because of the craziness of life on earth. May we fix our eyes on Jesus always!

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