Hold Them Close

Hold Them Close

So today I would like to encourage you to all get some music. I am using another great Building 429 song and I really know how great their music is. If you haven’t got some of their songs, please I encourage you to support them and treat yourself! They are super underappreciated and yet they are so amazing.

So along with keeping it short today, this devotion is about all the blessings in our lives. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and just reading what my friends say inspires me and I can’t help but thank the Lord. This is one of a very few number of songs that can bring tears to my eyes… Building 429’s “Hold Them Close”.

Hold Them Close- Building 429

‘I know I shouldn’t want, Any more than what I’ve got, When I think about what’s missing, Seems like a lot. But then I looked into their eyes, And see my children smile, I realise what I’ve been given, I have more than I have not…’ 

We are so blessed whether we acknowledge it or not. Every breath I breathe comes from God, every step I take has been given by God. We often find ourselves in a spot where we look and say, “Yo God, why am I here? This is not fun. Why is this bad stuff happening?” When we start feeling like we are missing out just look around. Can you walk? Can you talk? Can you hear? Can you swim? Can you spend time with friends and family? Can you go to bed with food in your tummy? I know most of you, if not all of you answered yes to all of those questions, you are reading an e-devotion on some device that can connect to the internet after all. I admit, I will sometimes feel jealous or upset when things don’t go my way, but that’s when I need to stop, breathe, and think about what I have… it never looks bad after that.

‘…I feel the grace of God, When my wife is by my side, A treasure I could never earn, No matter how hard I try. I take a look at the past, That brought us where we are, All I see is your faithfulness, That’s carried us this far…’

Well, most of you know that I don’t have a wife, but that doesn’t mean I don’t relate. I am so blessed and I feel the incredible love and grace when I look into the eyes of the people I love the most! I look into my mom’s and my dad’s eyes and I feel that grace, when I look into my friends eyes! God’s love is all around and it is unfailing and we are so undeserving! God is so good all the time! And all the time, God is so so good!

‘…Everything that you have done, Everything you’re given us, Every gift from you, Gonna Hold Them Close…’

Everything comes from God. Every morning when we wake up we must remember that because of God’s grace we are alive for another day! Everything I have comes from God and I am so so grateful. I can’t express it in words or this devotion, I am literally jumping for joy now while crying in gratefulness! God is so good. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful life.

‘…Where I am today, Didn’t happen by mistake, You’re brought me here, Where I’m supposed to be, Time will slip away, But God don’t let me waste, A second of today, Not a second, one second… I’m gonna Hold Them Close, Every memory, every little bit, And I won’t let go, Everything I need is right in front of me, You’ve given me what matters the most, So let me Hold Them Close…’

Thank you Jesus for my life. Let me never ever take this for granted because I know others have much less but they are still grateful. Jesus, please help me to Hold Them Close, my friends and my family. You have blessed me so dearly. I love them so so much, and I feel your grace when I am with them. You gave me this opportunity here on The Faith Filled Friends, with my best friends, let me work for you and never ever take it for granted! Your Will Be Done! Jesus you are my everything, my first love. You love me so dearly! Amen.

God Bless you all. It ended up as quite a long devotion but I still couldn’t express it in words. Pictures paint a thousand words… and so do songs so please be blessed today by this incredible music!

God Bless.

The Faith Filled Friends


13 thoughts on “Hold Them Close

  1. Jesus is amazing! This life is amazing!

    We want to thank all of you for supporting The Faith Filled Friends throughout this journey! It has been incredible and we are so blessed to be able to share (a) Great Music and (b) God’s great love and His words with all of you! God bless you all today!

    Thank you to my amazing friends who have helped me and supported me through this run here on The Faith Filled Friends. You guys are incredible and I feel the grace of God just having you as friends! I am sure we will always be friends and when we are in heaven we should definitely catch up all the time! No school or exams! (Thank you God that I can do exams! There are so many millions that can’t even go to school. How good is God!)

    God Bless you all! And thanks for the great run!

    Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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    • Thanks Jeff

      I agree that it is a beautiful song and an awesome album. Building 429 are fabulous! Such great music.

      Thanks for the support and the encouragement Jeff. You and the others are so good at encouraging me and supporting this site. You are the reason we do these devotions Jeff. With your support we can continue God’s work.

      I haven’t forgotten about your feedback from earlier! You don’t comment often but when you do we are so grateful for your support and advice!

      Thanks from all of us here at The Faith Filled Friends! God Bless

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      • Great stuff Gad! Yes I agree, Building 429 have some fantastic songs but they don’t get nearly enough attention ( I haven’t heard them on the Hot 25 Countdown for ages)!

        We have so much to be thankful for and God has blessed us so much! We always have to remind ourselves to treasure these things and hold them close.

        Gad, it is a pleasure and a blessing to work with you on the Faith Filled Friends. It is so amazing to have you and Caitlin as Friends! We will have lots of time to catchup after exams and in Heaven of course!!

        God Bless,


        • Thanks Josh! Always spoken so well!

          I haven’t heard them of any count downs! It is racist! Bandist? I don’t know, it’s just not fair!

          I will make it a date. Catch up with the crew! Thanks Josh!

          One last thing. A poll went up on the “Q&A” page about five minutes ago. We have already got votes in but I wanted to let everyone else know.

          God Bless

          Gad from The Faith Filled Friends


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