Morning to all of the Faithful Followers reading today! I am praying that this message means something to all of you as I feel that this message needs to be shared. God calls us to be in a community together, rising up in unity. Jesus didn’t work alone but instead He took along some disciples. In the end His calling was different and He had to face that alone but He still had unity. God has not call us to live in solitude, He wants to be in a relationship with us and He wants us to be happy working and living together. So like I normally say, let’s jump in…

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You’ll Never Be Alone

You’ll Never Be Alone- Capital Kings

This Capital Kings song is a great song that combines techno music with rap. The remind me of Owl City, if he rapped.

‘I’m the street lights that guide you home, I’ll be the G.P.S when you’ve lost your phone, I’ll be the song that’s rockin’ in your headphones, I’ll show you the signs, To let you know, You’ll never be alone…’ This is the chorus and the opening for the song and it’s message is quite clear. This is a song that I would sing to my friends and my family, I will always be here for you. We must be prepared to stand up for our friends and be there for them because this life is hard than it seems.

‘…Hey, Let me start it off by sayin’ this, You mean everything to me nothin’ I wouldn’t risk, Every single second and moment that passes by, I’m thinkin’ about you and I really want you to know that…’ These lyrics may be missed as rap is sometimes quite hectic and too fast for you to pick up on. There would be nothing that I wouldn’t risk for my friends and my family, they mean so much to me that I would be prepared to do anything for them. This is like the Good Samaritan except it’s your friend rather than an enemy.

So to anyone out there that needs help or you have any questions or problems just get in touch with us because we would be more than happy to chat with you and help you. This is to all my friends as well, you can always talk to me! Let’s all be the best friends possible, guiding our friends home.

It’s No Good To Be Alone

It’s No Good To Be Alone- Brandon Heath

Another great track from Brandon Heath, and another from the “Leaving Eden” album. ‘…It’s no good to be alone, It’s no good to be out there on your own, It’s no good for you anymore than it is for me…’ This is the chorus of the song and Brandon sings about how being alone is not good. Most of us would agree but to be honest we should all agree. Being alone means you don’t have unity or anyone to join with you and witness what you witness.

Here at the Faith Filled Friends we believe God is calling people to unite together and stand strong in faith. The enemy is going to throw a lot of things our way to break our faith but we have each other to cover for and to lift up. There is strength when we join together and it’s no different for joining together in Christ. Besides none of us could have done this alone. The Faith Filled Friends only happens because we have each other’s backs. There is support and strength when you link together.

‘…It’s no good to be alone, It’s no good to be out there on your own, It’s no good for you anymore than it is for me…’

You’re Not Alone

You’re Not Alone- Owl City ft. Britt Nicole

“You’re Not Alone” is a great song and one of my favourites from Owl City. I only heard it for the first time last year and I was blown away by what Owl City had produced. I later grabbed the “Mobile Orchestra” album for Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

“You’re Not Alone” has wonderful lyrics that remind us that we are never alone because Jesus is always with us. ‘Some days I barely hold on, When life drags me down, I wanna let go, But when my spirit is weak, You come to my aid, And strengthen my soul…’ We finished off a series the other week about Hard Love and that life isn’t always easy. We must always remember that Christ is alive in us and no matter what adversities we face He is fighting our battles. We are never alone.

We must always be there for each other to help pick one another up after we fall. We must remember that it’s no good to be alone and avoid friends and family. But above all we must never doubt the power of Christ that defeated death and that lives inside us.

‘…You rescued me and I believe, That God is love and He is all I need, From this day forth for all eternity, I’ll never wander on my own, For I am Yours until you call me home, I close my eyes and I can hear You say,
You’re not alone! You’re not alone!’

Deuteronomy 31:6
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

God Bless you all today. Let’s go out and stand up for each other. Never forget that God is with you.

The Faith Filled Friends


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  1. Fantastic message Gad! We are never alone because God is with us! Together we are all part of God’s family!

    God Bless everyone

    Josh- The Faith Filled Friends

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