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Hey Faithful Followers and welcome to another daily devotion! I have the pleasure of announcing the changes the crew have made. No longer will we follow a series and a theme but we will just deliver the words God has given us. For today, I have a personal series I would like to begin and share with all of you. God has placed this message in my heart and if you talk to my fellow Faith Filled Friends, they can confirm this! My series which I will be basing my devotions on for about two weeks is “HARD LOVE”.

There are a lot of things in this walk of life that make it hard. Not everything we face is so easy and not everything we do succeeds. And walking with Jesus isn’t sunshine and rainbows either. Yes I am the one delving into these iffy subjects, but if I don’t who will? God has given me a message that I will proclaim! Let your words be spoken and let your will be done, Lord!

HARD LOVE- Miracles

For this opening of my new series I have been given the great song, “Miracle” by Luminate. Luminate are so under appreciated it is not even funny. They are probably one of my top favourite bands that are under rated! Their songs have loads of meaning and passion, often the lyrics go where no other artist has gone. “Miracle” is quite old now but is still one of my favourites from the band, and this will fit into the message today, Miracles.

Miracle- Luminate

Miracles, people often say that miracles don’t happen any more. Some times we agree because I don’t see any oceans parting, men walking on water, fire and clouds guiding from heaven, blind eyes opening or dead men walking. Crazy stuff doesn’t seem to happen nowadays and why not? What if I were to tell you that miracles are happening right now?! You would probably tell me to chill and stop dreaming… But I’m not! The same power that raised Jesus from the grave lives in us. The Holy Spirit, the one who allows miracles to happen lives in all of us. Each breath we take is a miracle and each word you read is a miracle. Miracles surround us, we just don’t open our eyes or don’t have to faith to believe it!

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for God watching over me. I have gone under a boat, I was pulled out to sea, I popped the main blood vessels in my leg and I have had so many accidents. God is good and God is great. He is always watching over us, protecting us. Without the miracles in my life I would not be here and these are clear miracles. Miracles can come from anything, whether it is from your friend giving you $5 or finding that parking, it could be that one person who said hi to you or maybe a small act of kindness. These make massive impacts, being miracles in disguise. If you haven’t seen the film, “Miracles From Heaven” I really recommend it. God blessed us and we often miss the blessings, the miracles, because we tell ourselves that it was nothing or we were lucky. God is always there for you, even if it seems to be horrible.

Mathew 7:7- Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.
God tells us to ask Him for anything and we will receive. Often we will ask and all we receive is the answer, ‘No’. God is not a vending machine, spitting out what you want. He is our Father and He wants what is best for us. Just like our Earthly parents, we can often receive a ‘No’ answer, because out of love they make the decision that will benefit us the most. God makes the best decisions, he knows everything. Jeremiah 29:11 is the scripture that The Faith Filled Friends is founded upon. God is God, and he makes the plans which are of course the best plans for our lives. We often think we know what’s best and leave the plans behind and only when we end up in a pickle do we call out for God’s help, and we blame Him for letting us experience that. This is so wrong, because we blame God for our sin and our mistakes, when He set out the original plans for our life.

People who disagree that everyday is a miracle must have forgotten about the ultimate miracle and sacrifice. Jesus gave up his life to set us free, to give us life! Every good thing comes from God, and every day is a miracle. Jesus’ sacrifice allows us to be forgiven and walk freely in grace everyday of our lives. A miracle that the creator of the universe, of everything, came down into His creation and amongst the people who disregard His power to be beaten and killed for them.

We can often here our unsaved friends say, ‘I will believe when I see a miracle.’ This would be great but it’s not how it works! Seeing is not always believing, as you need faith. I have seen miracles first hand and heard many more but this doesn’t make me a stronger Christian, faith makes me stronger. You don’t see miracles and you can’t do miracles without faith. So keep waiting on that miracle, God will give you the answer if you wait expectantly in faith, praying humbly before Him.

‘So find me as I am… Oh, I can barely stand… But lifting up my hands… To You, my God.’ These are the first lyrics we hear from the song and they are powerful. (*If the song has finished I encourage you to start it again*) When we are weak, so weak we can barely stand, who should we find ourselves going to? When life is hitting you hard and trouble comes, who do you find your strength in? God is the ultimate answer. Even in these hard times we need to find ourselves on our knees praying for a miracle and lifting up our hands in surrender to God.
‘I’m reaching for Your love… Ashamed of what I’ve done… So King of Mercy, come… Won’t You find me as I am?’ When we have messed up and it’s our fault that we are hurt and in trouble, we still need to run to God. He is the King of Mercy and His love and His grace will wash you clean. The Christian life isn’t in fact “easier” than the nonChristian life. We have the love of Christ and we know we have a purpose on Earth, but people will judge you and pick on you because of Jesus. As Christians we also avoid sin and things of this world plus the enemy that want to drag us down to the grave! Look, we won’t get things right, we may sin by getting angry or being impatient but this is when we need to find ourselves on our knees surrendering to God’s glory and asking for forgiveness.

Miracles don’t happen like they used to… They are everywhere nowadays! We live in a time of miracles and blessings, but because of this we don’t see miracles. If you have been asking God for a miracle, I encourage you to keep going because God will come through for you, He always does. Today I encourage you to ask God for more faith to see miracles all around you, ask for His eyes to see. Also, live with a grateful attitude because life is a miracle, a gift and seeing life this way will allow you to see the good and the miracles it holds. When life gets too hard, go to God and wait on a miracle. Miracles happen all the time, you need to put your faith into your prayers.

Thank you Jesus for this day and for our lives. We know life is a gift that we give back to you so please help us to live honourable lives for Christ. Jesus we ask for boldness in these hard times and we ask for your Fruits of the Spirit to grow inside of us. We pray for miracles, even when we can’t see them. Amen!

God Bless,

Gad from The Faith Filled Friends 



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  1. Sorry I was working on it and when I went to get the video it deleted all the beginning and I had to start again! 😭 Advice: never do it on your mobile device! 😉

    I hope it helps and inspires you in some way!
    God Bless

    Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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  2. That is good advice Gad, you can’t go wrong with a computer!

    It certainly was a very inspirational message! Miracles still happen today as you said Gad!
    We need to trust God that His ways will prevail. He will always work for the good of those who love Him, no matter the situation we are in.

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