Thank God For Something

Thank God For Something

Morning to everyone out there. Today, for our Sunday Session, I will be keeping it short but I really want everyone to listen to the song, take in the words and go out today and be encouraged!

So for our Sunday Session I decided on only one song and the theme is ‘Thankfulness‘. So what other song fits this theme better than Hawk Nelsons “Thank God For Something“.
It is a happy and very joyful song that I listened to a lot last year and in the early months of this year. It is fun and the music video was great, which I believe has now been taken down.

Hawk Nelson- Thank God For Something

‘… if you’ve got a lot or a lot of nothing… God ahead and thank God for something…’ We need to remember that everything comes from God. Our family, our friends, our possessions and our own body! God has given us everything and let me say this, life is beautiful, I am so grateful for my life. He has not only given us our lives here on Earth but also our lives in eternity. He gave us his only son so we may have eternal life with Him. We can be thankful daily because every breath is a gift from God, because it is His breath that fills my lungs!

As we go out this week I encourage you all to go out with hearts of gratitude. Thank God for the sunrise, for the rain, for your bed, for the daily devotions! God has blessed us all with an eternity and with forgiveness, so let’s not forget that.

God Bless everyone! Thank you for following our daily devotions! We are truly grateful.

The Faith Filled Friends
(The original music video was moved to this random site! I am not sure why but it you want to check it, here’s the link: )


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  1. Sorry it’s so late! The internet problem has gotten the best of me for now! But starting today I will make sure it doesn’t delay or ruin the devotions/The Faith Filled Friends experience!
    I hope you enjoy the devotion!

    God Bless

    Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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