Morning to all of you reading this devotion today. We hope you have been encouraged and blessed by all our other devotions on this website. I know I have! It’s been such a great joy to read devotions from Jono earlier this week, Caitlin’s amazing devotion yesterday and the Throwback Thursday by Josh. Well done all of you, they have been so great.

So if you are a Faithful Follower you would know that we have been doing a series called, “29:11” or sometimes referred to as “#Jeremiah29:11”. It’s been about fear and worry, to help encourage everyone through the exam time and everyone with anxious thoughts about the future. Today I will be continuing the series with another great song! Let’s jump straight in.

Breathe- Jonny Diaz

‘Just breathe… Come and rest at my feet’ This is a line from the chorus of the song, and is the core of the song. We need to stop and breathe when things get too much for us. Life is busy, life can get stressful, life will be hard but we need to stop and breathe. People could here this and consider it some kind of yoga, peace technique but it is so much more than that! When we stop the work and breathe, it is not just breathing, it’s a quiet time between you and God. You breathe but you talk to God. When life seems to be beating you up and you can’t find the strength to keep going on, run to God. God doesn’t want you to wait until that point, He wants us to go to him daily. For every trial and for strength to get through everyday.

‘Chaos calls but all we really need need is to just breathe’ Life is chaotic and stuff happens that is out of our control, but we know the God who holds it all! He has a never ending love for us, no matter what we have done. His love is unconditional and He is our father, He wants to protect us and look after us but when we are always on the go He can’t get time to talk to us! We need to stop everything in this up coming week and have some time with God! When we get up, let’s get down and pray for the day, for help, strength and also thanks. He has given us everything we have, we should always be grateful. Throughout the day, I encourage you to constantly talk to God in every decision and trail that comes your way. Then I would finally encourage us to find time before we sleep to pray and ask God for his forgiveness for anything wrong we did and also ask for help in those areas. Thank Him for all the good in your life, He gave us freedom through Jesus and He fights our battles.

God is more powerful than our puny little minds can comprehend! No matter what trials and tribulations we face we need to pray that we are victorious through His name! ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ Philippeans 4:13 We are literally limitless through Jesus, no trails and mountains are too big for Him! And through the Holy Spirit we are limitless as well. We can do all things, we just need Faith! Faith is so important when trails and tribulations hit us, because we have got to believe God is fighting for us and this is all apart for His glorious plan for our lives! He and He alone knows the plans for our lives, but we can walk away from that plan if we don’t trust in Jesus and give him all of our faith. Trust in God even when those mountains don’t move. Trust in God even when the struggles feel too much for you. Remember to breathe, breathe in the Spirit of God and all Him peace. Find some quiet time every day, and God will help you to grow.

Thank you Jesus that you live inside us and through your Holy Spirit we can connect to God and seek His knowledge and strength. Jesus we pray for your love and your light to spill out of us. Please always be my number one. You are the only one, you are my number one, you called me to be your son. Thank you for ever thing you have given me. Amen.

God Bless you every Faithful Follower out there reading our devotions! May Gods words touch your hearts and speak into your souls. Thanks for all the support.

The Faith Filled Friends

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