Thy Will

Thy Will

It’s a simple song but has so much power and love! When we come face to face with the giants of this world we can often find ourselves blaming God and not seeking His knowledge and love!

Hillary Scott and the Scott Family- Thy Will

This is a slow paced song that is beautifully sung and the way it is balanced. The use of string instruments other than guitars makes my spirit jump for joy because God gives gifts, and hearing the variety of gifts (that are often not use) is wonderful!

We face hard times, like losing our job or hard exams or angry lesson teachers that don’t help you when you make a mistake! We often find ourselves giving up or getting angry at God for what is going wrong! We need to pray the simple prayer in the song, ‘… Thy Will be done…’ It is simple and short like today’s devotion! We don’t need the fancy talk or long essays because God is always speaking to us, and we need to let his will be done! If God is pulling at your heart strings and this message pulls you across the line, a bigger devotion would have done the same! One thing never changes, and that one thing is God!

With never failing love and grace, I know I can run to God in times of need. Please listen to these lyrics and pray about them! Say them out loud over the hard situations. If God is for you, who can be against you! Thy Will be done. Not ours but Gods. He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans for a hope and a future! Give it all up to God, whether it’s the good or the bad, lift your life up to the Lord! Surrender to His love and His perfect plan!

Thy Will Be Done

God Bless us today

The Faith Filled Friends


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  1. So true! No matter what, may your will be done God! May your ways be higher than our ways.

    Great message Gad, short and sweet bro!

    This is a really lovely song.

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