Secret Prize

Secret Prize Unlocked

I didn’t think any of you would guess the code! It was an old Digital Media joke, the hex code for a shade of purple. The code was- 842593, which was the colour for all the phrases “password:“! Hahaha. And if you wanted to get the number order, it was simply in colour order. Colours of the rainbow! That’s why I mentioned it being a ‘red 8 for your information’ which would have been a pointless detail! Anyway, I hope you all had fun on this one week anniversary celebration.

As Christians we are always celebrating, even the small things like a one week anniversary. Because every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord so we will celebrate! Jesus has paid the price for our tickets into heaven where we will live on forever!

Well I guess you are here for the secret surprise which is not a surprise anymore! Well here it is, enjoy!

First Ever Devotion

I think we should do a song of the day to help us this exam time! It will help us focus on Jesus and all he can do! Sometimes we forget he is fighting for us! I know this will help me and I hope it helps you too!

On that note, what other song fits this daily song description than the inspiration ‘Battles’ by The Afters!

I have decided to link the video here just for convenience!

First Proper Devotion

So this is the birth place of The Faith Filled Friends! The first “devotion” and the start of long devotions! This was devotion two our first  Scripture Sunday!

Hey Guys
Time for our Sunday Devotion! I really feel like Sunday’s can be a bit different, and instead of being a small blessing to encourage us during these exams, it could be a little message to help inspire and motivate us! So let’s get started!

I really feel encouraged to talk about our actions as Christians.
I was listening to “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath and it has very powerful and moving lyrics, typical of Brandon Heath though. It is about us living our lives and not looking out for others! We get caught up in all the chaos and we miss opportunities to help others in need! It is my prayer to see through Jesus’ eyes! To reach out and help the hurt and the broken, because this is what we’re here for! To love as Christ loved us!
Casting Crowns have just released a beautiful song, “The Very Next Thing” which I have really connected to! We often pray for change and wait for tomorrow or a massive future opportunity, I know that’s what I do! But we should not be waiting for tomorrow to change a life, we don’t have to go overseas to make a difference and we don’t even have to be a pastor to speak to the lost! God has given us today, there are thousands of hurt and lost people all around us, and all we need to do is love on them! Lend a hand, speak words of life and just be a light! Jesus made a massive change through small every day living! He loved the unlovable and helped the lost, so can’t we do the same? The Holy Spirit is in us, and we are called to love the lost!

Sorry this was very long, I may have gotten too passionate! But I have been encouraged to live and love like Jesus did!

Here are 3 songs to check out:
Give Me Your Eyes- Brandon Heath,
The Very Next Thing- Casting Crowns,
Love Is Action- Tauren Wells

God Bless

‘Sorry this was very long…’ I didn’t know what very long was back then did I?!

New Devotion! Special Content because it is only our 1 week anniversary once!

Brandon Heath- The One:

If I see one more light that’s fading
Hear about one more broken dream. Pray for just one more faith that’s dying, that’s one too many…‘ We are back with another Brandon Heath song. I really love this track, titled “The One”. I get so upset at seeing all the pain and suffering in this world, I say I can’t take it anymore but I don’t do anything. This message is a passion of mine, taking love into the world, love is action.

The chorus of the song says, ‘…When I think of what could be… If we let our hearts believe… That it takes just one… Just one could turn this all around…’ And this is so true, just one person could turn this whole world around. We just need to let our hearts believe, get full of faith. It continues with, ‘…And if we’re living history… How will they think of you and me… If it takes just one, just one… What if, what if, what if I’m the one?’ What will they think of you and me? Peoples opinions shouldn’t have an effect on our lives, but he does have a point. Although we shouldn’t care what the next generation thinks about us, we still have to think, if it takes just one person to make a difference on this planet our children will be pretty disappointed if we did nothing!

‘… What if, what if, what if I’m The One?’ What if we are the ones to make a difference? “Sure that would be great but that couldn’t be me!” God uses everybody who is willing to be used. In the Bible, God uses some very unlikely people to declare his message. “Okay, but I work a desk job, or I am just a student, what could I do?” I don’t know, what can you do? Don’t wait for tomorrow to do something. Like Casting Crowns latest hit, “The Very Next Thing” we don’t have to be a pastor or a missionary to make a difference on planet Earth. If we want to make a difference on Earth we should love and share Gods words wherever He has put us! Whether it is a barrister or an office worker or a student, God has love to the Overflow, so let it overflow from your life into others. Care for your co-workers and friends. Look after that one person who is hard to love and has no friends. What Would Jesus Do? Jesus would be the one, and he was! In three years he made the biggest impact on this planet! So this week ask yourself, what can I do to shine God’s love and don’t forget to think, What Would Jesus Do!
The City Harmonic- My God:

‘I lift my eyes up in these days of trouble will my help come from You? And if I stumble will You pick me up? What else could a father do?’ What do you do when trouble comes? Do you get scared? Do you run? Do you collapse and cry? Do you go to your friends and your family? Do you go to your secret hiding place? Do you go to the beach? Or do you go to God?
It’s a hard question because it is straight forward, right in your face. When we face hard times and trials we often find it hard to go to God. When we stuff up and fall short it is hard because we know we messed up. We doubt God wants to spend time with us, we sent Jesus to the cross to pay our price and we still stuff up. Jesus gave his life for us and we still don’t listen to what God says. Why on Earth would he want to speak to us? But that’s just it… You see, Jesus poured out his love, unending and incomparable. You and I are worth so much to him and even when we stuff up he forgives us because he already saw it coming! He already paid the price! He loves it when we surrender to his love and admit our faults. We acknowledge that we are just human and we can’t live without God. When we run to God, he brings love and healing, and we feel the unending joy and peace of God.

Look, we aren’t perfect. The sooner we admit it, the faster we can receive healing. We need to go to God and raise our hands to him, surrendering our lives to him. He will love you and heal you. You are called to be a son and daughter of the living God! And our repentance and song of sorrows soon becomes a song of praise and love! Oh, my God is great! My God is gracious! And our God is love! Sing out a new song of praise!


Thank you for all the support you have given us! May God bless you as you have blessed us! We are so grateful to God and to all of our Faithful Followers! We pray these devotions reach the lost and the broken! We pray that they reach the people who need to hear it most! We pray for change in our lives and our city! We pray for revival across the globe. I see praise being sung to the Lord, lighting up the world! The song is carried across the nations and the country’s! We lift our loving Lord up higher and higher! If you put me on a mountain I’ll tell the whole world, that Jesus is Lord! 

Lastly, I would like to end on a scripture that God has given me lately! I pray that it blesses you. Thanks for all the support!

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends

‘We pray that you will be strengthened with all His glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need.’ Colossians 1:11


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