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Time is such a strange concept, It’s always moving forward, ever so linearly making its way. It is just a way of measurement that humans created. It isn’t actually a thing, technically speaking it doesn’t exist.

In the dictionary it’s defined as

The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.
Have you ever felt like you’re running out of time?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. So much is going on where I feel like time is just getting ahead of me.

I’m writing exams.

The year is coming to an end

And my school career is coming to its conclusion.

The common denominator? Time running out.
In all of this my prayer has always been that God shows up. That there be some kind of revival in school and everywhere I go. However as the time comes to an end, the possibility of such a miracle slowly fades away. So does my hope too.
In my journaling and prayer time this week I prayed about that and God showed me a scripture, an encouragement
In John 18:36 Jesus explains to the Pharisees how he nor his Kingdom is from this world

What does this mean? Well it could mean he’s from another planet, like superman!
No… to me, a scientific thinker, I see it as Jesus saying he’s not of this Dimension.

You see we live in the 3rd dimension, hence time runs linearly and everything makes sense to us in this dimension.

But Jesus is saying he is not from This dimension! He is from the spiritual dimension.

Since God is from another dimension, not our 3rd dimension, our means to understand our dimension do not work in His dimension.

What I’m trying to say is. In God’s world, the Spiritual world, TIME DOES NOT EXIST. God does not have time, so therefore he cannot run out of Time!!
So often we can think we are running out of time for a miracle, or even that our God is running out of time. We need to know that time does not exist for God! So we never need to worry about wether or not our miracle will come in time

Even if we’re coming to the end of our school career, there’s more than enough time for God to move!
Jesus changed the world more in His 3 years of ministry than a whole religion could in a lifetime.
So don’t worry if you’re running out of time!

God has got you covered because it is impossible for him to run out of time!!
Hope this encourages you and is not too confusing with all the physics. Haha.
A good encouraging song would be

“This is Our Time” by Planetshakers.
God Bless

– Jono


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9 thoughts on “Message Monday

  1. Fantastic Devotion Jono. It was a very insightful message.

    You’re right, time is such a strange concept. It only exists because we have created it. Because God exists in the spiritual dimension, time is not an obstacle for him, like you said!

    There will always be enough time to see revival in this world and to see the Lost be saved because there will always be enough time for God.

    Josh- The Faith Filled Friends

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    • I agree with both of you! I was seeing revival and I still am, when I pray. We love and that is enough to plant a seed. God uses small things to grow. We often think we need to make big moves but the truth of the matter is, Love, and Jesus came and loved with action and he made a huge impact. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives in us!

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  2. Great stuff Jono! It was different but that is awesome! It was very you! Thats what is awesome about working in a team, we are like the body of Christ, a body. We are each so different and bring our own message and passion from God that the whole body can function! Hahaha, you can talk physics all you want, because I’ll keep bringing the Human Bio! Boom!

    Great to hear from you Jono, and an official welcome to the site! It was an awesome message and a very dramatic and mind twisting entrance!

    God Bless

    Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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