We are made to Celebrate! We have been given life and life to the full through Jesus and his sacrifice! As we celebrate our one week anniversary, let us not forget that every thing belongs to the Lord! All the glory and the honour! We have two hands for clapping and two feet for dancing and one voice to make noise, but let us use what we have to bring our God glory! All the praise be yours God!

Celebrate- Jason Gray

Thank you for all your support of The Faith Filled Friends website! We couldn’t have gotten this far without God as our rock! And we wouldn’t have pushed this far if it wasn’t for all of our Faithful Followers! Thank you for following our website and joining us as we unite and pursue Jesus!

The Holy Spirit moves me when I hear a great Christian song and I can’t help but dance and sing to the song! God fills us with joy overflowing! We should be joyful for our amazing lives! Let us never forget that Jesus went to that cross carrying all of our sin and shame! He died for us, so we don’t have to! Life is worth the celebration! For every life that is saved by the Holy Spirit, there is a roar of celebration all across heaven! We have life because of Jesus, so let’s celebrate Him!

Let’s celebrate what God is doing here in our time! Lives are being saved and people are moving to the rhythm of God’s heart! Let’s celebrate our amazing website God has blessed us with! Let’s celebrate our amazing friends and our spectacular families! God has given us every good and perfect gift! We should sing praises to the Lord all our days! And I know there are some there out there who can’t sing, but God didn’t ask for the perfect singing but instead, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” Psalm 98:4. We must just praise Jesus with everything!

So thank you to everyone who has helped in the process of building The Faith Filled Friends ministry! We are so grateful for all the support that has been given! God is moving on this plant, that’s worth celebrating! So today, in any trials and tribulations, any hard times or good times, celebrate the Lord and his never ending love which overflows!

God Bless, thanks for joining our celebration! There is more fun to be had! There is a secret, guess the code game- find all the numbers and make the code to win a prize. There is a ton of new content to look at! There are polls and new mini menus! Cool new backgrounds and we have upgraded our logo! It is still being worked on but that is new! Comment what you find below! All challenges and treasure hunts completed will unlock more fun content so work together and have fun!

The Faith Filled Friends

(First number for the 6 number passcode is in the Profile menu under Gad! Enjoy, the hunt is on! Seek and you will find!)


9 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Happy one week anniversary everybody!! You are so right Gad! This amazing Faith Filled Friends website is something worth celebrating. So is everything else. Each new day is another wonderful blessing from our amazing God.

    Let’s worship God in all we do! We have hands made for clapping and feet made for dancing!!

    God Bless and I pray God will continue to have His hand on this ministry.

    Josh Clarke- The Faith Filled Friends

    PS. Gad, I love the balloon background! Very colourful!

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    • Yes! Happy Times for all of us at The Faith Filled Friends! Big things are on their way! God has been gracious to us, giving us this site has been amazing and Josh and I are bursting with ideas! It’s going to be great!

      No one’s cracked the code for the secret? Wow!
      God Bless

      Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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