Your Love

Your Love

‘I felt it first when I was younger, A strange connection to the light…’ Morning to all of my faithful friends who check our devotions daily! Today I have the great pleasure of delivering another devotion to you all.

“Your Love” by Brandon Heath. I must admit, Brandon Heath is one of my favourite solo artists out there. I am so thankful to the WOW Hits for introducing me to Brandon, because he makes some fantastic music.

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There is no official music video for “Your Love” but it is the song that we really want to share with you. And I personally love this song.

In an interview Brandon Heath said that he based the song off of a friend he had who climbed mountains. It makes sense because there are parallels to climbing a mountain and reaching for God. But with God we don’t need to climb mountains to reach him, in fact, he reached out first, sending Jesus to die for our sins. That is what the song is about, Gods awesome love that never fails and never falters.

1 John 4:7: Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. We all have love, love for our family and our friends. All love comes from God, because He is love. If you don’t know the love of God, then you don’t know true peace. God is our everything in life and all we can ask for is more of his love to help change this world. We can reach out to the lost and the broken in this world by just loving people. Revival doesn’t need us out in the world with our Bibles preaching to the lost. I got this picture last weekend, and God said that revival is coming to your school and I thought that we don’t have much time left, already being into our exams. But God said to me, ‘Don’t wait for tomorrow when love can be pored out today. And it’s so true, because God’s love is unending, we should always love and not just be waiting for some great opportunity to come our way. Jesus made the biggest difference through His actions of love. We need to pray for wisdom and the fruits of the spirit, because times get tough and we need to be love to the lost and broken.

God is our father and He loves us unconditionally. We can sometimes think that God won’t forgive us for what we have done but this is a lie the devil feeds us. Gods love covers a multitude of sins. Fathers correct their children, but they do it because they want what’s best for them. God is the same, correcting our faults because He loves us so incredibly! This is a great track that reminds us of God’s unconditional love covering ever stuff up and every let down. He picks us up and dusts us off. He is our Father and we must never forget that. All we need is His love because we stuff up all the time, but God’s love forgives us. We need His love to help light up the lost world we are living in, love is action and that is how we will reach the lost and the broken.

Thank you Jesus for Your Love. Please full us afresh with Your Love. Fill us to Overflow, pouring out into the world, bringing hope, life and Your salvation. Please be with us always, in the hard times and the great times. Remind us that you are strong enough and we can’t do this life alone. Bless the people who read our devotions, Lord. Speak through us to reach those people in need. Help them to find Your Love. Amen.

Songs to listen to: Brandon Heath- Your Love, Tauren Wells- Love Is Action, Mathew West- Strong Enough (Read our previous devotion)

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends


6 thoughts on “Your Love

  1. Thank you Gad!

    Agreed! He is a fantastic artist.

    The love of God is greater than anything in this world! No matter what we have done, he loves us unconditionally!

    As you said; if we haven’t experienced God’s love, then we haven’t experienced true peace.

    God Bless

    Josh Clarke – The Faith Filled Friends

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    • You summarised that perfectly! Thanks for being such great support!
      Its been busy and I have had a lot of work to do today, so I apologise for the late reply! Let us remain hungry for time with God, His word and also His love!

      God Bless

      Gad from The Faith Filled Friends

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      • Thanks! You’re welcome my friend:)

        That’s no problem at all, things are busy. Agreed Gad! It is important that our appetite remains for God, no matter how busy we are.

        God Bless,

        Josh- Faith Filled Friends

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