Throwback Thursday

A to J

Yo what up fellas’! ‘Yo what up G-man! ‘ Have you all heard of A to J? ‘A to what? Sounds like a chemical, like H to O, H to O!’ No, are you A to J?

Throwback Thursday

Hey The Faith Filled Friends, if you have heard this song you would already know what I am talking about! This is Throwback Thursday and our devotion will be based off the crazy Carman hit, “Addicted to Jesus”. This devotion will be less formal and serious but instead it is going to be more real! So lets jump straight into this then!

Addicted To Jesus- Carman

‘People get addicted, to new things everyday. . .’ Addiction is everywhere in our day to day life. We can get so caught up in the addiction we don’t even know that we are indeed addicted! My friends will tell you that I naturally have an addictive nature. I get caught up in making new things, and I do this all the time. I have about four games in the making currently! I have planned out a whole game, story and game art, yet I haven’t exactly gotten to the programming aspect! I started another as a joke which became serious but I stopped halfway through. And another I started about two weekends ago, but I left it due to lack of interest. Now it’s not only games but my passion for music and Jesus. I decided to write some songs to praise Jesus, so I have one song that is a pre-chorus and chorus, a second which is more like a poem which I constantly sing to the same tune as “You Hold It All”, and finally a guitar piece that is a simple rift- which I really like- but I left it due to my brother telling me it sounded similar to the guitar rift in “Love Has Been Spoken”. So I combined my love of music and Jesus and programming to make this site! It’s a long story.

As you can tell addiction is not a bad thing per say,  but if there is one thing to get addicted to it’s Jesus! Jesus supplies our every need and he fills our hearts. People who don’t know Jesus get lost searching for something to fill the hole in their heart, but as Christians we know that the only thing that could possibly fill that hole is Jesus himself! God and man are suppose to live in relationship with each other, but ever since humans picked (excuse the pun) sin we have been separate for God. Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice was the only way God could fill us again, sending the Holy Spirit to live and breathe inside us. People of this world try to fill this hole with other things, addictions, and this never works leaving them hurt and feeling meaningless. We know God’s unfailing love which fills us and flows through our veins. We know what love is and we experience grace every morning when we rise! I thank Jesus every morning for my life and my salvation through his sacrifice.

I can’t get enough of Jesus’ love, it is like nothing else and it moves me to his side. As a generation we have got to rise up and praise the one and only name of Jesus. We must get addicted to Jesus, ask him to start a fire in our hearts and in our souls. Being addicted to Jesus looks like walking with him everyday, praying for his love and his qualities to grow in your life. I don’t know about all of you but I want to be more like Jesus! I want to love like he loves and I want to care and nurture the lost and the broken. We only have one chance here on Earth, time will slip away if we let opportunities pass us by. But if we get fire up and keep pushing into Jesus daily we will soon become addicted to him and his presence, reading the bible will be like reading this devotion- not a chore but a choice. Praying will be so normal, you will find yourself praying almost all the time. And loving the lost will be easier as we reflect Jesus.

There is an analogy that I like to think of when I talk about being addicted to Jesus. Spending time with Jesus through; prayer, reading his word or listening to worship, is like looking at a light. A bright light! When you look away all you see is still the light as it has burnt itself into your retinas. But after a while the light fades from your eyes and your vision returns to normal. Jesus is that light, and when we spend time with Jesus, we look to him and he is burnt into our eyes. After, we go out into the world and Jesus is still stained into our view and we look at others and see Jesus. Being with him allows us to see with his eyes and reach out to those people who are hard to love and those who need the love! We are Gods ambassadors going into the darkest places for him, but he equips use for the battle. Everything we need is found in Jesus, we just need to go to him and take the gifts and his love. If we do this daily we could change the world and save lives! So lets get Addicted to Jesus!

The songs lyrics say… ‘Stand tall, stand tall, stand strong, stand strong- Say it loud, say it loud, say it along- Bust the Devil, up in pieces- Get alive with God- Addicted To Jesus…’ We need to stand boldly and get alive with God because he is all we need! If we has Jesus we have everything we will ever need. So lets stand up against the devil, stand up against his lies. We need to speak life and speak the truth. Jesus says that every single person is priceless, and it’s true because he is the one who died for them. The devil says people are are worth nothing and that they are alone, but we need to bring the love and declare, ‘No you are loved! And no you are not alone! God is fighting your battles, he loves you unconditionally, he is pouring out his grace for you, you just need to accept it!’ This is the truth and we need to get fired up and addicted to Jesus!

Jesus help us get on fire for you. You are all we need and you are all we want. Start a fire in our souls and fill us with your love and your wisdom. God help us grow in favour with you and with men! Please destroy all other addiction in our lives as they are distractions that take our focus off of you! You are our number one, and you are the only one! Fill us today with your love so that we can proclaim your glory to the lost! God I pray for revival in our schools, in our families, in our work places and in this city! Help us take this city for you, fill it with your love. Fill us with your love. You are a good, good father. Thank you for caring for me and dying for me God. I am a wretch, a sinner but you wash me clean and call me your child. Help me to shine you so people will say, he is a child of God! Thank you for this opportunity to talk about you and help encourage others in their walk with you. Please let this message reach the lost and the broken. Let your will be done! Amen.

God Bless

The Faith Filled Friends


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