Walking Like Giants, Living Like Sparrows

Walking Like Giants, Living Like Sparrows

Welcome to another Faith Filled Friends devotion! I can’t tell you guys how ready I am to deliver this devotion! It’s been bubbling up inside me ready to pour out! I get to cover some amazing musical talent while delivering a message that is encouraging me! It’s a really long devotion today as all the points brought up in discussion were so good that I had to include everything!

Our devotions are to share the love and care of Christ Jesus! We are dedicated to bringing fresh music and words to our devotions as well as encouraging you all in your walk with Christ Jesus! Walking with God means Walking Like Giants! God we bring all our worries and fears to you, because only you can comfort us! We bring our failures and our heart breaks and you give us healing! Thank you for never forsaking us and never leaving us! Help us to grow in your light and keep you our number one!

Daily Devotion

‘Walking Like Giants’ by Stars Go Dim, has become an instant hit on the radio and in our hearts! I have been listening to it so much this week and I couldn’t leave it any longer! This devotion comes with passion and also some fresh aspects!

Walking Like Giants- Stars Go Dim

Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.”

“Walking Like Giants” is a very catchy and uplifting song! With a strong beat and very powerful lyrics, it is extremely difficult to not love this song!
God knows every plan and purpose he has made for our lives. He wants us to be fruitful and prosper, but on this Earth, as you would have noticed, not everything is sunshine and rainbows!
We occasionally stumble in our walk of faith. Gods grace acts as a safety mat, allowing the fall to be more graceful. But when we stumble and go through hard times we can forget to go to Jesus. This song covers the hard times we face starting off with, …Life feels like an uphill battle, like more than you can handle…’ Life isn’t going to be easy, and challenges and hardship come our way. But with Jesus our failures and short comings are made perfect! And remember … we’re not giving up when struggles come…’ because with Jesus, nothing is impossible!

We will face trials and struggles of all kinds in this life. The difference with Christians is that we do not have to face them on our own. With Jesus on our side, we have the power to overcome them- something we can never do in our own strength. The title of the song and the main message of the chorus “Walking like Giants” refers to how we are walking high above the struggles we face through the strength we are given by God.
Through the strength he gives us, we are able to rise above the hardships of this life.

The hope that we have is the hope of salvation, which we will receive fully when the lord returns to take us home to be with him- our focus is upon eternity rather than the difficulties of this life (Colossians 3:2)

The power we have inside us is the God given strength that we are given through his holy spirit… that lives inside of us.

It can be easy to let the difficulties we face to become greater than us and dominate our lives (like you were saying in the Afraid devo). As a result, our focus can shift from our ultimate hope to the struggles we are facing. The important thing to remember is that what we face now is temporary.
The tribulations of this life are by no means greater than the grace of God, ‘…We’re not giving up when struggles come. They’re not big enough…’

And finally, to end today’s song devotion we have the last few words in the song. ‘…whatever may come we’re rising above, Through fire or rain, nothing’s stopping us.’ We are able to succeed against the things that cause us difficulty…. Philippians 4:13 – ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me


“Sparrows” by Jason Gray is one of my favourite songs of 2016, with catchy rhythm, lyrics and with Jason’s great voice declaring that our tomorrow’s are in God’s hand and our worries are in his control! I couldn’t leave “Sparrows” another day, so I will keep it short!

Sparrows- Jason Gray

“Sparrows” is a reminder to us that God cares about us so much, why should we worry about anything in life! Opening with a short piano rift we are introduced to the lyrics, ‘…You can’t add, a single day, by worrying, don’t worry your life away…’ Worry only wastes time and energy. God wants us to stop focusing on what tomorrow is going to bring and what will happen. When we worry it only wastes our time and keeps us focused on ourselves! When you are thinking about that up coming exam and how under prepared you are, you are shutting off opportunities to see others in need. Worry and stress rob us of the things we value the most. Our friends who are unsaved, the people who are hurting and even our families. God is watching you 24/7 and he has a plan for your life, so there is no need to worry!
God loves us so much, his love stretches so far and wide it is unmeasurable! Yet he gives the sparrow a home and food and the sparrow knows that God is in control. And when it comes to us, we feel that our wants and needs are too petty and insignificant for the God of the universe. His love is so deep and so wide, even the smallest thing that has meaning to us has meaning to God! He holds the world and he holds our lives!

We pray that your love shines through us to the lost and the broken in the world! God you have not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of love for everyone around us! God we know that when times get tough and life starts piling up on us, you have control! Jesus help us to rely on your words and your spirit inside us!
Bless us in our schools, jobs and in the world. God we cast our cares to you! Please look after us and make us whole!

Special Thanks to my man Josh Clarke who has been encouraging me throughout this process! I couldn’t have made this devotion without him. Josh you are such a legend and I know God will bless you and make you prosper. ‘I pray these points will help you to put together another fantastic devotion. I will pray about what I have written here and that these words can be from God and not from myself. Your heart is soft towards God and you are an absolute God fearing and God filled man! God Bless you Josh.

God Bless,
The Faith Filled Friends


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14 thoughts on “Walking Like Giants, Living Like Sparrows

  1. I can’t thank you all enough! All the support given to us is great! The devotions are taking off and every one is so kind and committed! Thank you to my Friends (the team) that have been and are supporting me. I couldn’t have asked for better friends, so thank you!
    Josh Clarke, you inspire me so much. Your faith motivates me, your words move me and your love is so genuine, you just shine Jesus! Thank you for the help on this devotion. I can see you delivering a devotion very soon and I can’t wait!
    Thank you Jesus for your grace that flows over my life day after day. It is constant and overwhelming, I am so blessed. Thank you for all the blessings in my life- Thank you FOR my life! I am so bless. Let your name be lifted high and glorified!

    God Bless
    The Faith Filled Friends (Gad Rasmussen)

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  2. Another amazing devotion for another amazing day! May we continue to look to our God for strength when we face struggles so we can continue to walk like Giants!

    Keep it up team!

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  3. Can’t thank you enough for your kind words Gad. It is such a blessing to hear your encouragement! You have no idea!

    To have fellow brothers in Christ such a yourself is an answered prayer. You are such a humble guy and may you continue to be blessed by our Heavenly Father as you grow in him each day!

    You are so welcome. Happy to help mate.

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  4. Yeah, I have to thank everyone for the support and encouragement that has been poured into this project! God makes crazy things happen, like a boy waking up at 1 in the morning with the crazy idea to make a website for his friends to discover a wider range of Christian music! Making the website the next day, announcing it the day after and then the day after that the whole website has a community and a wide following! It has literally been three days of The Faith Filled Friends website and we have received over 60 views today, and we have 4 authors for the site who love God and churn out enough ideas and support to cause Noah’s Ark 2! Like seriously, you guys drown this website in support and I am so proud of our family in this project!
    I can’t believe that this is day two!!! It’s incredible! All credit to God!
    I wonder what will happen on day 4? I mean day two was big and three has been huge!! Only God knows what tomorrow holds, but I am praying that it’s in his will!

    God Bless
    Gad Rasmussen (Not The Faith Filled Friends crew today! I am thanking the crew though!)

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    • Wow!! Gad,
      It is amazingly encouraging to read how things have progressed so quickly but with such success, something that can only be counted as a a true blessing from our God!

      He truly does work in amazing ways to make crazy things happen… nothing is impossible for him.

      For me personally, I ask God everyday as to how I can serve him! Being apart of this incredible initiative is how I can serve him! How great is it that we can work together as such a passionate team of people, all waiting to see God be glorified.

      May we continue to reach people, whatever their situation may be and may God continue to use us in new ways each and every day through this website, according to his will.


      Josh Clarke

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