You Hold It All

You Hold It All (Every Mountain)

Morning The Faith Filled Friends! I am super excited for this devotion today. We here at The Faith Filled Friends, feel like this message is a powerful one that should be shared!

Our devotions are to help share great praise and worship with people who may have not heard the songs, as well as encouraging you all in your walk with God! God we commit this devotion to you today. Use our words to reach the lost and hurting hearts! Speak through us and let your name be glorified. We commit all we do to you Jesus, the King and the number one in our lives!

Daily Devotion

‘You Hold It All (Every Mountain)’ by Newsboys, was released with the Love Riot album earlier this year, and in July was released as a single.
I am really excited for this devotion today because ‘You Hold It All’ is one of my favourite Newsboys singles.

You Hold It All- Newsboys

‘You Hold It All’ is very powerful, especially in today’s crazy world! We lose confidence and faith in who God really is and what he can really do! This is normal, it is just human nature. But we have got to remember, as Christians, that ultimately God is in control and he holds every situation, no matter how tuff or demanding! We have to stand on God’s word and believe that he really does hold everything!
Faith is a part of this journey, we never know the full picture. We just have to go with what Jesus says, even when it challenges us! God is in control and its says that in the end; every year will be dried, every wrong will be made right! And that’s the confidence we have in this wonderful relationship with God! That our Provider, our King, our Lord, he holds it all in his hands! God is just waiting for the right time when he says, “Enough is enough! I’m going to save my people!” And that is the day when he removes us from this planet and reunites us with him!
The lyrics say, “It’s in the roar of the lions. It’s in the wind and the waves. It’s in the glory of sunrise. And the lives that you change,” which helps capture Gods glory and might! The powerful winds and beautiful waves, with the indescribable sunsets which he paints for us every night! We are so blessed to be living in his love, favour and grace!
We sometimes worry about small things in life when clearly there is a bigger picture! For example, exams are looming and the stress may be hitting you, but you have The God of the impossible and everything else on your side! He is holding you very closely, because you are his son and/or daughter, and he will never let you go!

You Hold It All- Newsboys

We pray that the devotion is a blessing and an encouraging hope for all of you! God loves us with everything, that Jesus, his one and only son came and died for us! Grace now washes us clean of every mistake and wrong doing!
I pray God gives you strength and carried you during your exams!

God Bless
The Faith Filled Friends


5 thoughts on “You Hold It All

    • Hey The Faith Filled Friends,
      I wanted to let you know why I put the song up near the start of the devotion. I felt like these devotions are best read while listening to the song or a song to fit the theme. I encourage you to listen to the song while reading the devotional message, and once you are done, I encourage you to listen to it again, but watch the video clip and listen to the words and let God speak to you. Pray and have a quiet time to recollect your thoughts and doubts and cast all your cares to Jesus the King, for he listens and cares so dearly about you! He poured out his love for you and wants to have a deep and loving relationship with you! We just get caught up in this world and forget that Jesus is our number one! He is our everything!
      Enjoy the music and the devotion! God Bless!
      Gad Ras

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  1. God truly holds it all… every mountain as well as all of his children. All we need to do is look to Jesus in our moments of weakness and he will hold us in his arms.

    Romans 8:28
    “And we know that in all things God works together for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”.

    God is for us in every situation we face. This is one of my favourite verses from the bible which talks about God being on our side. We have nothing to fear when we have the God of all creation on our side.

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