Hey my Faith Filled Friends! Are we all fired up and ready to go? I know I am fresh in my spirit and I am so excited!

So this is a normal daily devotion, which will be short (well shorter than Sunday’s) and based off of a song! The daily devotions will be, as the names says, daily. So stay in tune as we delve into today’s most powerful praise and worship songs. We pray that these devotion touch your hearts and bless you! We commit them to Jesus, the King and number one in our lives!

Message Monday!

‘Afraid’ by Tenth Avenue North, is quite a new song and is very anointed! It is extremely inspiring, especially as we head into exam time!

Afraid- Tenth Avenue North

The song talks about our anxiety and all the worry we bare in life. I know stress can rise up in our lives, but the stress isn’t what is bad, it’s the doubt and the distractions that it brings!
We get overwhelmed by a task and stress out, but stress only wastes time in our lives! We are sons and daughters of the God who created the universe! And you stress over exams? It is so petty in perspective and this is dangerous as it causes us to doubt. We have to stop and fix our eyes back on Jesus, and that’s when we ask him for the strength and the rest from this fear! He was man and he knows the pressures of earth, but Jesus never turned his eyes from his father and that’s what we need to do.
When stress and fear are on the rise this week, just stop and breathe. Collect yourself and find a quiet spot to pray and fix your eyes back on Jesus! You can speak the words of the song over you situation, “…this world doesn’t own my tears, my hope is alive in heaven, I will not give in to despair.” This is a simple declaration over the fear and stress but just remember who God is and just what he can do! (You might want to focus on what he can’t do as you will be sitting there for a long time listing every possible thing God can do! The can’t list, well let’s just say it is extremely short!)
The lyrics say, “I don’t have to be afraid anymore,” which is a key point in this song! Because of the way Jesus changes our lives, it also changes the way we view hardships in this life. We were once afraid but not anymore! We find life to the full in Jesus and a peace that fills us as we know the battle has been won and that God fights our every battle! Why and how could you be afraid knowing this! Jeremiah 29:11, God holds our lives and our futures and he wants what is best for us! Why should we be afraid of what God has to give us?

The devotion, Message Monday, turned out to be a little bit longer than expected, but I hope it is a blessing and an encouraging message!
I pray God blesses you this year and in your up coming exams!

God Bless
The Faith Filled Friends


5 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. Wow! This is an inspiring message! It delivers power and passion in every word. Tenth Avenue North is a great band and Afraid is a great song choice!
    Please do a devotion on maybe a less known artist, band or song!
    Great work and God Bless

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    • Thanks for the feedback Jeff!
      We are working hard to deliver these devotions and I’ll make sure we cover all aspects of the CCM! Throwback Thursdays for older music and I’ll incorporate some new, unknown stuff too!

      God Bless
      The Faith Filled Friends crew

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  2. A very encouraging devotion! What joy we have to know that all our fears are washed away because of Jesus and what he has done for us by his grace! Praise the Lord!

    May these daily devotions continue to be a blessing and an encouragement to all who read them.

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    • Thanks so much Josh!
      I couldn’t agree more! May God bless these devotions and our work we do! God we pray for the fears and doubts we may face in the hard times. Give us your strength and pour out your unending grace! We pray for your will to be done! Shine through all we do and all we are! You are my rock and my strength, so I pray that you shine through me to the lost and the broken!

      Oh and welcome to the Family Josh! You are now an official, Faith Filled Friends developer and creator!

      God Bless
      The Faith Filled Friends crew (and Gad!)

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